#ManCandyMonday – Collection Edition

Today I thought would be a good day to do a recap of some of my fav and most viewed Man Candy Mondays, after all all these great man candy days have brought each of us a large amount of joy on our sad dreary Monday mornings, afternoons and even, evenings.  I am especially doing this because I have been out all day, clearly not ahead of the game and obviously did nothing but mess around all weekend.  Not to mention I am just pooped my from my half weekend and work.  Seems that I have sooo much to do and never enough time to do it.  Here is hoping that this week I can manage to stay on top of it and efficient at it!!  YEAH RIGHT! 

Let us take a look at our most viewed Man Candy Monday of all time, it is the most epic and I can honestly say it has received the highest page views of all the posts I have EVER written… good to know all of you ladies have your priorities straight lol!!!! Christian Bale, you sly little page view creating BEAST, I LOVE YOU!!!  I have to also admit that my sister was the wonderful woman that requested this man be looked at over, and over and over again!  I always have a soft spot for Batman too can’t deny that at all!  Although my fav Batman will always be George Clooney.  Hands down!

My most viewed Hunger Games boy was of COURSE Peeta, I mean It would have been a travesty if I couldn’t manage that for my beloved Peeta!  Although it can be argued that Gayle is most incredibly gorgeous but Peeta is just way way way more awesome of a character and there is nothing anyone can say about that.  If you do, I wish to not hear of it. 

Out of all the musicians I have done… not that I can recall many if at all any more than this one, Adam Levine is of course the winner of views!  I mean with a body like his it is hard not to just sit, relax and enjoy the view.  Let us take a Man Candy Moment Of Silence…..

Oh snap… I don’t know exactly what can follow that… In fact I am not even going to try I can’t even recover from this… I think recap man candy monday has been done rather nicely, I can’t wait to see who ranks best NEXT!!

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  1. I just read ‘Catching Fire’ this week. Just found out there’s a whipping scene involving Gale. The actor who plays Gale had better watch his back – literally. When he was filming ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ Jim Caviezel actually got hit with the whip. IMDB says he had a 13″ gash.

    …Which I find really hot. I bet there’s a scar. You should do Jim Caviezel one of these Mondays.

    P.S. I adore the Christian Bale post.

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