#ManCandyMonday – Adam Levine

The other day I had the amazing pleasure to see one of my gfs post up an amazing photo of this man and I instantly fell victim to his intense sexiness.  Adam Levine you have found a new place in my heart!  Maybe one in my pants lol!!!

 OOooOOOO swoon!

What I wouldn’t give to be that model OOooooOOOo adam levine bum! lol!!!  Note that these group of photos above are a campaign for testicular cancer awareness!!  He also got this sexy doing yoga, as a side note to you men… clearly yoga kicks ass!

That tattoos are to die for, or is it just me??

Adam in High school.. ya know just to embarass him lol!! xoxox we love you ADAM!!!

Happy Monday everyone and don’t forget to take the time to enter my Activia giveaway!! It closes on the 15th!! still low entries!!

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