Mama’s New Bestfriend: vSculpt

Ladies, we need to have a conversation. A conversation about our little friend, depending on how you feel about yours, the vagina. As mothers they have seen it all from: glorious climaxes to horrific birth experiences. They come in all shapes, sizes, and delectable colors. We are also always judging them and usually find it to be the last (even if the last) thing you think about when it comes to self care, self love if you will. My new bestfriend the vSculpt is trying to break the mold and teach us that we deserve more when it comes to our precious pleasure zone.

Not only are they teaching us to not settle for less than average vagina health and pleasure, they are showing is an elegant and, lets face it, super fun way to achieve those goals!

Now I know a lot of you are scratching your heads wondering a few things:

  1. why am I reading an article about her new toy?
  2. why am I enjoying it so much?


I have the answer: because you know, as well as I do, that all of us want more from our vaginas. You may not think you do but wouldn’t it be amazing if it stopped making its presences known each time you sneeze too hard. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could experience some mind blowing orgasms? You know the ones that inspire poetry and wild life adventures?!

You and I both know it would be. I am not alone here and neither are you. Which is why you need this little friend in your corner.

VSculptThe vSculpt is an amazing device that not only gives you pleasure but it also does a few more amazing things that I need to go over.

  • It brings back the strength your pelvic floor once had… like when you were 18 and WAY before kids.
  • Helps reduce the sneeze and pee!! Hell sometimes the “laugh-too-hard-and-pee”.
  • Helps you have better orgasms, can’t top that now can you?!
  • Helps tighten you back up again.. omg a perk for the husbands/wives too!!!
  • It is even a licensed Health Canada Medical Device, no jokes.

This is a game changer ladies and I hope all of you hop on for the ride!


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