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If there’s one universal understanding, it’s that moms are exhausted. It’s just a fact and one that everyone needs to be aware of. Mom’s – and Dad’s, let’s not forget Dad’s – put their all into their family and their work life. We do so everything we can and at the end of the day still feel like we haven’t done enough. Dad’s do an enormous job in supporting their families, but if Mom stays at home and looks after the house as well as the kids, there needs to be a balance. In all honesty everyone in the house has the time to take 30 minutes to clean something or help out around the house. On most given days though, if we have the time, we rarely have the energy – that’s were some little things can start to come in handy that are making life easier for mom and dad.

Moms who are on their feet all day doing housework and school runs and keeping everyone organised are basically superheroes in disguise – at least I like to think I am pretty heroic on the day to day. Running a house to a schedule is a job that is far from easy and there are a lot of websites out there that offer tips to make life easy for everyone. Some of these tips don’t work for some but work for others and so we’ve put a list of amazing life hacks together to make life a lot easier for the Mom’s out there who need it.

  • Allergies: When you have multiple children in the house and only one of those has allergies, it can be difficult to ensure you keep food and produce separate. By colour coding your pantry and freezer, you can make sure you don’t absentmindedly reach for the wrong ingredients when you’re cooking. Exhaustion does funny things to the mind and if you’re not looking at labels, mixing up food by accident can be common. A bright sticker on the edge of a packet is likely to make you take notice! I remember once I put the house phone in the fridge and bottle on the phone charger… I really needed a nap.
  • Storage: For some homes, storage is hard to come by – especially when you move lots and your storage space is always changing. When you need somewhere for your supplies to go you need to get a little creative. This website has so many great ideas on how you can be creative without breaking the bank. One of the best ones for cleaning supplies is this shoe storage case. Hanging it on the back of the kitchen door, out of the reach of small hands is going to make life a lot easier as there’s no need to root around in the cupboard under the sink anymore!Minimalist-Parenting-RSVP-Post-Image
  • Hangers: With a large family, coat hangers and backpack storage is first come, first serve. If you use command hooks in the home, which do not require any tools to stick them to the walls, you have easy access hangers for the whole family. Stick them on the back of the highchair for holding bibs with easy access. Stick them in the bathroom at an accessible height for towels. They’re so versatile that every Mom should have them in the house.
  • Boards: Every home with a large family needs whiteboards like this one. With children having different activities going on and different schedules, a whiteboard will allow for updated changes at a glance. Giving the older kids autonomy over the changes of their schedules, allowing them to update their own board whenever they need to, is a way to teach them to take responsibility for their own organising. It’s a great lesson to learn as a teen, and a fantastic way to help Mom stay organised, too.
  • Shopping: There’s nothing worse than not owning a car when you have grocery shopping to do, trust me I know. Trying to get on public transport with children in tow is a big no-no if you hope for your stress levels to remain in a normal range. Thankfully, technology has moved on enough that we can now do online grocery shopping and have it delivered to the home. This also works for medicines, as trying to get to a pharmacy to pick up prescriptions can be hard to fit into a busy schedule. You can use an online pharmacy for everything you need, and save yourself the time. Online shopping has been a revelation to busy mothers with young children.
  • Pantry: Your kitchen cupboards can often be overfilled and the best way to gain access to all your jars and tins of food is to install a lazy Susan. There’s nothing lazy about it, it’s just a way to spin your groceries around instead of climbing on a kitchen chair. You can even put one in the refrigerator, saving you from an overcrowded shelf falling in on you when you need something quickly It’s all about making life easy!
  • Entertainment: One of the biggest issues in any family is boredom. Children have the attention span of a gnat and if they’re not stimulated, it can descend into chaos. Every week, sit down with the kids and work out what fun things they would like on their schedule and pin this to a noticeboard. This way, when you’re elbow deep in laundry while cooking the dinner, they will know what activities are easily accessible for them to get on with. Children need to use their imaginations, so don’t be afraid of letting them get a little creative.
  • Help: Lastly, as a parent, pride can be detrimental. There’s a saying that it takes a village to raise children. While there’s nothing wrong with doing it all and having it all, the stress of it can simply get too much sometimes. When there’s help available and on offer, take it up. Ask for help when you get overwhelmed, there’s no shame in it and there’s nothing right with being stubborn just to prove a point. If you need help, ASK.

Whatever you can do to make life easier as a parent should be done and with great enthusiasm. Family life is chaotic, even in the most organised sense, and life hacks you find online can make it easier. Do whatever you can to get you through each week and if you’re a working parent or single parent coping with that alongside the usual household difficulties, always accept help where you can. Rope the kids in to get the housework done and crank up the music to make it fun.

How are you making life easier for mom this mother’s day??


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