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Presidents Choice

Summer is the time of year when all of us are busy bouncing from one backyard to another, from one camp site to another all between working, cooking, cleaning and trying to stay sane while at home with the kids. It is a wonderful chaotic time but, if you are like me, you are tired. Tired of cooking, cleaning and entertaining. Which means we are looking for simpler ways to wow our friends and family. We need someone in our corner to make the simplest things look fabulous and Presidents Choice invited me to a dinner to show me how they are making that happen this year.

Presidents Choice

Having us over to the amazing Fable restaurant over in Vancouver was a brilliant way to showcase what they have to offer this year food wise and décor wise. Showing up to the restaurant closed for our private event was a special surprise I definitely didn’t expect. As I walked in I was greeted by the Chef himself and the PC team and seated to enjoy a delicious pina colada!

It was a great way to start off our night so I got busy snapping pictures of the amazing setup they had going of us.

Presidents Choice

With the fabulous lanterns and colored glass candle holders I knew we were in for a great night of great food and fun. All along the middle of the table were these gorgeous little herb gardens, something we were able to make ourselves to take home! It was a great little surprise to be able to take home some more amazing additions to my edible garden at home.

But what about the food?

The food was fantastic and cooked by Chef Trevor Bird using the newest summer products from Presidents Choice. Each item created for us was better than the next BUT there were a few that stood out among the rest and those are the ones I will be telling you all about.

The Radler Battered Fish with Mustard Dill sauce was definitely one of my favorites and featured local freshly fished halibut that just melted in your mouth. The batter for this featured the Presidents Choice Radler lemonade which is a beer/lemonade drink that you will love. The batter is super crispy, which makes it just perfect for any deep friend fish lover. Even adapting this recipe to place inside a fish tacos recipe could be really amazing!

Presidents Choice

But one of their easiest most blow you away recipes was the Maple Pecan Smores Dip, something you can even throw together while camping! It was just to die for but eat it fast so the dipping is easy, the longer it sits the harder it was for the graham cracker to scoop, a quick reheat fixes it just as quickly though. The special Presidents Choice item featured in this to die for dessert are their maple flavored marshmallows. Oh yes you heard me, maple flavored marshmallows. These will be the most incredible way for you to take your smore game up a notch this summer. Just another example of own Canadian-ifying an item can’t be a bad idea!


It was amazing being able to try so many fun recipes using their PC items, and I can’t wait to take a few of their great ideas with me to parties and camping this Summer!!

Do you have any go to Presidents Choice items you love for Summer entertaining??


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