Locks, Alarms and Alerts: Tips for Teaching Your Kids All About Home Security

The typical timetable for many family households is that your older kids might spend a short amount of time after school alone in the house until you get back from work, which is why it makes sense to teach them a few things about home security.

Some kids can be fearful about the prospect of returning to an empty home on their own, even if it is for a little while. Here are some pointers to help allay their fears and make them more safety and security conscious while they home alone or at any time.

Start with your alarm system

If you are looking for peace of mind and an extra layer of security for your family and your property the best way of doing this would be to install a home security system.

You can get some ideas on the various features available with this option by visiting a site like http://homesecuritysystem.co/. Once you have a home alarm facility installed it would be a good idea to give your kids some age-appropriate guidance on how the system works and how to operate it.

If you have paid for a 24/7 monitoring system you want to ensure that it is able to deliver that protection, which means older children need to be able to arm and disarm the alarm when then enter or leave the house, plus they need to know how to use features like a panic alarm in an emergency.

Teach them the basics about not sharing the alarm system code with others and run through the procedure for setting and disarming the system several times, so that they have the confidence to work the system when they have to on their own.


Don’t make it easy for intruders

An alarm system provides that extra bit of peace of mind for you and your family but you also need to teach your kids the basics of protecting themselves and your home from intruders by drilling into them the importance of locking windows and doors.

About a third of all burglaries are committed by gaining entry through a door or window that has been left open or unlocked, making it easy for an intruder to get inside without the need to use force.

Teach kids to remember that locking doors and windows before they leave the house or when they are outside in the garden and away from the property, is a simple but effective way of deterring opportunist burglars.

Too much information

Many younger children are naturally trusting of adults and unfortunately, this can mean that an unscrupulous caller could end up getting far too much detailed information about your travel plans or security details.

Teach your children about screening calls from strangers and not giving them any information over the phone or if they come to the door.

Also, tell them to be mindful of what they post on social media sites. It is a known tactic for criminals to scour these sites for clues about when a house might be empty for a while.

Teaching your kids about home security is an excellent idea and it will not only give them greater confidence it can also help to keep them safe if they do happen to be at home on their own at any time.

What tips would you add to this list for keeping your kids safe as they gain independence?


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