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Summer Camps

As some of you may know, recently my eldest son was officially diagnosed with ADD. We are lucky enough that it is nice and manageable in our eyes at the moment and we are continuously thankful for his teachers continued support. But with this diagnosis, you can imagine, he is behind in school (though catching up amazingly) and it has started to effect his confidence a little bit. Some days in good ways and other days in bad as with most kids going though the motions at school. That is why this Summer we really wanted to get him involved in a camp that was both education and something that would boost his confidence.

Thankfully we were invited to the perfect Summer camp info session with Level Up Kids. They have amazing camps for kids with a range of different interests – all educational and all integrated with great outside playtime. Here in Vancouver we headed to BCIT where the camps will be held to check out everything they had to offer.

Summer Camps

Level Up Kids had a great setup for all of us to take a peak at all the classes they had for us to choose from. There were robots to drive using iPads that all the kids were going nuts over, they turned a Banana into a space bar in order to control a game all the kids seemed very familiar with called Geometry Dash. Then they had little laptops for each of the kids to test out their programming and coding classes! I was floored at how each of the kids took to it so naturally, my son was completely in his element.

While the kids were tinkering all of us moms got to ask more in depth questions about some of the camps our kids were interested in. We learned that their YouTube camps not only focus on just creating a video but also shows them how to plan out the point of their videos. Showing them that more goes into the creation of these channels they watch on a daily basis. Gets them working as a team, developing scripts and of course learning about cinematography and editing.

Summer Camps

They even went into depth about what coding can really teach a child: perseverance, how to break down complex problems into smaller fixable ones, how to work together on a singular project and way more invaluable lessons. Teaching them these lessons using a platform all of them already love and use, like Minecraft, will be an incredible way to boost their creativity, skills and confidence. I can’t wait for my eldest’s first day of classes this July.

With my son smiling ear to ear, listening intently and flying through all the steps I knew immediately that I had made the right choice for him. This incredible camp and their staff are going to definitely help bring him out of his shell and show him just how much fun learning really can be. After this great information session he was jabbering on about what class he is going to do each year. He honestly wants to do them all in a specific order and this year we are starting with their Minecraft Adventure camp and then eventually ending, after a few summers, with their Robotics camp.

He knows this will become an annual event each year if he does well and learns with a smile. How can he not with such incredible programs like these right??

What kind of Summer Camps do your kids go to ??


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