LEGO City of Tomorrow – Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday!

LEGO is a massive part of my families life for a really long time. Since I was a kid, and my hubby was a small boy, we have been obsessed with the stuff. We have loved being able to build all kinds of creations, collect sets and characters and I have to say that I love being able to do the same with my two boys. This is why I was over the moon to be brought on board as part of the LEGO City of Tomorrow project they have put together for Canada’s 150th!

This year, Canada’s 150th year, LEGO is going to ask young Canadians to leave the instructions behind and create something really special using only their imaginations. The future. They’re encouraging us all to get creative with our kids and think about what would make our future amazing. Then take that idea and create something spectacular using LEGO! It is a great way to get your family together building creatively and putting away those instructions so many of us are way too used to using.

What kinds of things can you create with LEGO?

There are so many great ideas out there, maybe flying cars, drone delivered pizzas, robots who fold laundry (or maybe that is just me), skyscrapers with rocket ship landing pads on top of them. The possibilities are endless and LEGO wants to see what you have in mind! Even better is that Toys ‘r’ Us is joining in on all the fun by putting on some great events and contests. All builders will join the LEGO City of Tomorrow construction crew with their very own, super official, ID badge. One that is just like mine!!

LEGO City of TomorrowWhich will get your kids super excited for all the fun that they have planned! They will then be briefed in a unique LEGO virtual reality experience, led by the LEGO City of Tomorrow mini figure foreman where they will then be taken to a HUGE table that will be set up in each store filled with LEGO of all shapes and sizes to help your little ones start creating! This is where each store will display their very of “cities of tomorrow” for everyone to see and enjoy.

To help you get excited for all the fun events (you can learn more on their website!) LEGO is offering all my awesome readers a chance at their own LEGO City kits to help you get started on your great idea! This is the perfect time to show off your little ones mad LEGO building skills, after all it is one step closer to them being great architects, inventors and engineers!


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Tell me when was the last time you built something fantastic with LEGO without using instructions?



  1. oh i am sure we would be building a house, that’s what we do with all our blocks because my son wants to ‘go to work and build houses’ just like daddy does :)

  2. Better question- what wouldn’t we build??? Nothing like building Lego Cities to unwind after a hectic day at school 😉

  3. If I were building with one of my grandsons we would probably build spaceships, houses, or cars. My granddaughters would want to build princess castles and houses.

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