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The sun is slowly starting to show up more regularly and about 80% of us have finally started all our, now, slow growing gardens. As like every year, for our family, that means we have yet another garden to try and fix up and turn into something workable. The last gross nothing but rain, snow, hail month we did our best to gut as much of the area we had to use under a cherry tree near our front door. Home Hardware heard that once again we had yet another garden to salvage and wanted to help us out a little bit. With some great goodies in hand we continued to work on our garden.

With each garden we rebuild we learn something and gain expertise on things we keep having to do over and over again. Which is why I wanted to share a few things I have learned over my trial and error.

Location does matter

Until I moved into a place with INCREDIBLE lighting and a greenhouse like kitchen I never really understood how much  location can make a difference. We all know not to put sun thriving plants in the shade but have you considered your plants neighbors? Are they shallow root neighbors or deep? Do they need more water than your average plant meaning their neighbors will be deprived. It isn’t all about the weather in the city you live it, it has to do with your neighbors too!


Morning Glory and Lemon Balm are the devil

I hate them. Both of them, they’re virtually impossible to fully get rid of it and the only thing that truly works. You need to keep digging, keep weeding and keep hoping. Eventually they will be barely noticeable – might still be there but they wont be driving you completely insane anymore.

You have less time than you think

It isn’t just something you can bust out in an hour, this is going to a hobby folks. A hobby, that if you wanted to get everything done and keep it impeccably managed, can be a 24/7 job. No joke. Get ready to roll up those sleeves and really spend a good portion of your free time trying to just keep the small portion of land looking tidy-ish.

Chafer beetles and the pests that come with them are also the devil

Most of the lower mainland here in Vancouver has this awful little guy in their lawns. That means lots of us need to get it taken care of or we will be battling it forever. Sadly with the pro treatments heavy price tag not many can do it which means we need to start thinking of other options. Whether that means trading your lawn in for garden beds of veggies or just upping the stakes when it comes to your lawn care you can find what you need at Home Hardware. For our lawn we have a super well rooted ecosystem out there. It is a combo of grass and moss at the moment but we are getting ready to thatch it and then fortify it. That means using a great fertilizer to create a nice healthy environment for the grass to keep thriving, get stronger and hopefully hid the beetle well enough that the birds don’t tear it all up.

With those tips in hand you to can salvage a garden space no matter how bad of a gardener you might be!

What gardening tips do you have??


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