Consider it done!! I have my own domain!! Isn’t this soooo thrilling??!?! I am so happy and I even managed to figure out how to forward it without help this time !!! YEAH!!! aren’t you proud Erin??!!

Anyways have good look folks, what do you think??  Like my new look and bubble wand??

I have to say that Erin, once again, did an AMAZING job!!!  Honestly she just keeps blowing me away with her new details.  Check out the shoes on Lawrence!  Pretty sweet right?

Since I am running my day care now I decided I wanted it to include additional kids to my own.  Note, they look nothing like my clients, just so you know and don’t ask lol!

Soon I will be posting back to regular on this amazing new address!!  I am so stoked, I have a BIG plan.  Gonna take a LONG time to iron all of it out and to launch it but it will be a class!  That is right I am thinking of launching my own class… on what do you ask??  I don’t want to reveal quite yet at this point.  I want to… perfect it if you will.

As for my other classes Basic Blogging for Beginners – The Online Class
I will no longer be teaching them as of the end of the month, in order for me to find some time to figure out and launch my own set of classes.  I hope to get this done soon… but of course not too soon, if i rush it, it wont be the way I want it to be.  I want it to be focused and organized and I want to have set of support links to provide for each class that goes along with the lesson that night.

What do you think??  If you were to attend an online class for blogging/social media what would you want to learn??

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4 Comments on LAUNCHED!!

  1. Yay for your own domain! Exciting stuff. I like the changes.

  2. @jamie rubeis THANKS!! I am so happy you do!!

  3. Lookin’ good! Erin did an awesome job!

  4. It looks fabulous Eschelle! And may I just say, the bubble wand=epic WIN! Hehe.

    I can’t wait to see what kind of class you come up with-I think that is a great idea. Out of everything I’d like to learn blog design :) I know a little bit, but I’d love to learn more!!

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