When Was Your Last PAP test?

My mother was only 25 when she found out she had cervical cancer. In moments my mother’s life was completely changed. She was heartbroken and scared and this being a time when cancer treatments were still very new she was doubtful of good outcomes. Her doctors sat her down and told her that she would probably never have children after all was said and done.

But she got lucky. Or my sister and I got lucky.

She beat her cancer, that time around, and she managed to have both my sister and I later on in life. She had a blessed outcome from cervical cancer.

PAP test

So for her, and because it is Cervical Cancer Awareness Week from October 16th – 20th, I had to take the time to talk about it. To think that with the advancements we have already since then her cancer could have been completely prevented.

When was the last time you had a PAP test? If you are overdue, like myself, then you should be joining me in making an appointment. Doing something small like a PAP test can be a HUGE factor in early detection.

Did you know that an abnormal pap test may be a result of the HPV virus? HPV can be prevented by getting vaccinated.

PAP test

Since it will be National Cervical Cancer Awareness Week, your doctor might be holding PAP test and HPV vaccination clinics. Book that appointment. Take charge of your health, and ask your doctor the questions that concern you at the appointment you are going to be making. Your health and personal health education is important and you should ask someone that you trust: your family doctor.

Don’t put things off anymore, for your health’s sake.

So… tell me, when is your appointment date?

For more information on Cervical Cancer Awareness Week and how to find a registered clinic near you, visit https://fmwc.ca/pap-clinics/ .


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