Landscaping With a Purpose: Top Plants That Ward Off Common Pests

It can be a real pain dealing with a pest problem and the problem is that there are so many different threats to your peace and your property you might have to contend with, from mice to mosquitoes and all things in-between.

A sensible strategy would be to be proactive and discourage unwanted visitors to your home by growing some plants that many common pests don’t like and would rather avoid, which is what you want.

Here is a look at some of the top plants that can help you with your pest control efforts, including an insight into what plants like lavender and marigolds can do for your garden, and why catnip could be a good ally in your fight against pests.

Dual-purpose landscaping

If you can find some plants that are attractive to look at and enhance your landscaping efforts as well as ward off unwelcome pests it is a win-win situation.

There are a number of plants that fit the bill and not only look good as well as warding off the sort of pests that can be a problem, many of them also serve a useful purpose of attracting the helpful bugs that can be good for your garden.

Lavender is a good example of a plant with all those excellent attributes. It gives off a very pleasant aroma and besides repelling some of the insects you don’t want in your garden it is a plant that actively discourages fleas and moths.

Marigolds should also be near the top of your plant shopping list as it is renowned for its ability to repel harmful bugs like whiteflies. If you plant Mexican marigolds, these are good for keeping wild rabbits away from your property, although you should be aware that these marigolds will probably bring snails into the garden, but you can cope with those without too much effort.

French marigolds would be a good choice if you are growing tomatoes, as they keep whiteflies away from your crop as well as preserving the health of the soil underneath the plants.



Consider catnip

If you have got a problem with pests invading your property you might consider using rodent smoke bombs to deal with the issue, and you could try using catnip as an extra line of defense.

Bizarrely, considering the name, catnip is a herb that is quite effective in repelling many different pests with the exception of cats, who are impervious to the aroma. Plant some catnip around the outside of your property and it will improve your odds of keeping some pests away.

Enjoy your garden in peace

It can be frustrating to sit outside and try to relax or fire up the barbecue, only to be plagued by mosquitoes who seem keen on joining you for dinner, although it’s you on the menu as far as they are concerned.

Citronella grass is the ideal solution for keeping mosquitoes away and it also works well when it comes to other pests like ants, flies, and gnats.

You might want to wear gloves when handling the plant because it can irritate your skin, but it is a worthwhile addition to your landscaping plans when you consider how effective it is in keeping bugs away.

Pests are a problem for many of us, but at least nature has given us some tools to go to war with and the added bonus is that they look great in the garden too.

What are your tips for dealing with pests in the garden??

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