When Your Kid Asks For Their First Guitar…

My son has finally asked, the time has come for me to start thinking about getting him his very first guitar. He has finally shown an interest in an instrument and now I need to think about how to buy a guitar for beginners. Since I am clueless about guitars this is going to be a challenge.

This is why I started asking around for advice, I needed some expertise. I needed some pearls of wisdom from other parents I knew and music teachers.

What do you look for when you go to buy your kids first guitar?

After chatting up a lot of people I came to learn a few things for what I should look for, but I needed to think about a few things first.

  1. Does my kid want to try electric (god I hope not) or acoustic first? What did they think?
  2. How will I figure out the sizing??
  3. How large of an investment am I going to need to make?

Thankfully all these folks were happy to give me their two cents. Most suggested going the acoustic route first, especially when it comes to a kid just wanting to try it out. Granted they said an electric can be easier to learn the investment for the acoustic is a lot smaller. With an electric you need to think about amp and a few other extras to really give your kid a taste. An electric guitar just wouldn’t be as much fun without an amp. They also suggested the acoustic because of the noise level as well.

First Guitar

Since we live in a multifamily home it is in our best interest to be as respectful as possible. So until some base skills have been learned we thought it best to agree with our friends and we think we will go the acoustic route. Once they have a nice skill set and want to continue we will then move them up for an electric – which we assume will also mean a size upgrade as well.

But how do I figure out the size? A quick google gave me a nice guide to go by:

30” for ages 4-6
34” for ages 6-9
36” for ages 9-12
Standard for 12 and up

So tell me, have you already bought your kids first guitar?




  1. We will probably buy our son a guitar the minute it is safe to do so. We also have a ukulele so maybe he’ll start with that if they don’t make guitars small enough. He has already shown interest when his daddy plays. Luckily for us we have amps and stuff already so we could potentially go the electric route first but I personally love the sound of acoustic :)

  2. Definitely start off acoustic! There are a lot of really good cognitive fundamentals to be learned on an acoustic guitar that tend to get lost with the distortion of electric. Also love the idea of trying out a ukulele first!

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