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When the world seems to come crashing down on you it is always during the worst time. I know I am not alone when I say that I am loosing it this holiday season. I am loosing on all fronts right now and that is why I desperately needed some time with some of my favorite girls for a little #AbsoluteIndulgence at Absolute Spa here in Vancouver.

We were going to get treated to a great Mani/Pedi treatment paired with a light lunch and of course full use of their other facilities. This was going to be a really relaxing day, this was going to be magical for all three of us as we really, really needed it. Being moms, working for ourselves, in some cases writing books and everything else in between has all of our heads spinning and all of us have been feeling it really hard this year.

This was going to be a sweet deep breath for all of us. Absolute Spa has such a lovely and friendly environment that it was easy to become relaxed and feel at ease. Even though 2/3 of us were late, myself included.

They were so forgiving and delighted to get things going as soon as possible once we were all there.

Thankfully they completely pampered and spoiled us with the best of the best treatments and the most delicious smelling scrubs. By the time we were done the whole place smelled like a chocolate shop, as we all chose the same chocolatey scrub they gave us as one of our options.

We all got to chit chat and pick out colors while we enjoyed some leg and foot massages. Granted I laughed more than I should have during my pedicure. My feet are very ticklish and I was keeping the girls in good spirits as they laughed at me. It was lots of fun and I was happy I didn’t kick anybody.

With my luscious Christmas maroon color picked out and my hands and feet completely in heaven from all the love thanks to Paris – I was ready for a nibble! Not to mention a little bit of bubbly and Absolute Spa has a great little menu for you and your girls to enjoy.

We got to enjoy a lovely salad with a great dressing I have since forgotten the name of – it had a great balsamic vinegar base with some herbs etc.. I wish I remember more about it. It was sooo good and they were kind enough to add it to the side so we could portion out how much we wanted.

They even treated us to a glass of bubbly and a delicious simple crowd pleasing dessert: the chocolate dipped strawberry. Making this a great idea for any girls day, bridal party or mothers day outing you want to plan here in Vancouver. It also makes it a great idea for a gift any time of year for that special lady in your life.

Tell me when was the last time you treated yourself to a spa day?


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