Jared KF Jones “Turn Up The World” [REVIEW]

If it wasn’t for great music I probably would never get any work done around my house. Straight up not a thing would be cleaned by me in this house ever – so long as I lived. This is why I get extremely happy when I find something that can keep me moving, smiling and unaware of the fact that I am cleaning. This is why I loved Jared KF Jones’s track “Turn Up The World” was a huge welcome into my dirty kitchen.

“Turn Up The World is an inspirational pop song with driving drums, mystical synths, and rousing pianos. The song is about the person who wakes up, realizes they have something unique and special to offer the world, and they get up and share their best self everyday. We only get to live this life once, and we can choose to disrupt the common, and stagnant ways of our cultures and turn the world inside out, in the best and most creative ways possible. The world needs your unique touch.”

Jared keeps you moving and bumping that’s for sure, and granted if I listened to it outside of my kitchen, it may make me feel old BUT it is amazing. Even if I am not a club chick. With a great vocal talent, paired with the perfect beat you can feel happy as can be while your kitchen magically cleans itself. This is a great jam to listen to while in the carpool line while you try to drown out your kids and the honking parents that surround you. And I am sure it will catch on so well that your kids will be rocking out to it in no time too.

This catchy song will have you pressing repeat over and over again.

Tell me what is your favorite song to jam out to while your cleaning or driving??


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