I’ve Leveled My Kids With Level Up Kids Summer Camps!

Level up Kids Summer Camps

When I was a kid every Summer I always looked forward to going to Summer camp. It was a week or two filled with more fun than I could fit into a the time given. It was laughter, cold treats, staying up too late and meeting new amazing friends. This Summer I wanted to give my boys a similar experience close to home and doing something I know both of them are super interested in: Minecraft. This year I enrolled them both at Level Up Kids Summer Camps and I am so thrilled that I did.

The Level Up Kids camp has been amazing for both my boys, giving them a space to be exactly who they are in a room filled with kids who love the exact same things as them. A whole room of kindred spirits for them to meet, play with and learn all about coding in the world of Minecraft. Being able to be the creators of complicated games, create new MODS, HTML, CSS and best of all how to be at the top of their game!

Summer Camps

Level Up Kids’ unique programs will teach vital skills including problem solving, abstract and quantitative reasoning, viable argument construction, mathematics modeling, strategic thinking, application of tools, precision and attention to detail​. With twenty locations across Canada, Minnesota and Trinidad​, children receive personalized instruction with a 10:1 student to instructor ratio​. Granted my youngest was super lucky and got a little bit of VIP treatment with a 1:1 instructor to student ratio.

Both my kids have been completely in love with their classes and each day they are coming home with more “pro-skills” as they say. Talking a mile a minute about their day each day has been such a wonderful thing to see I wish they got this excited about everything they did. Every time I go to pick them up they are sweaty from a day of playing outside and in class so I know they are being plenty active during the day too!

What has been the best part about this Summer Camp?

It has fully inspired my oldest son to pursue a career in gaming. Something I hope he never looses the drive to keep reaching for. Seeing him so excited about the idea of creating games like the ones he loves already just makes my heart soar and something that you can’t get out of every Summer Camp out there.

So thank you Level Up Kids for giving my kid the drive to excel everyday to reach his goals of the future. It has been the best gift you could have given! Check out LevelUp Kids and all the great camps they have to offer before Summer ends!

What Summer camps have your kids done this year?


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