#IAmAntiBully – Embracing Your Creative Genius

Bullying these days is a huge concern for everyone, and literally everyone.  Bullying happens all the time and everyone has experienced it in one way or another.  Either bully or bullied and even as adults this can still go on.  It is amazing to me really how catty women are sometimes and yes it happens, trust me.  It makes me #facepalm every time.

We are not here to whine about the on going mom bashing that happens all the time out there.   I wanted to talk to you about an upcoming event here in Vancouver that is bringing families and communities together in the fight against bullying.

Using their communal love for LEGO.  Genius am I right??

The goal of #IAmAntiBully is to collect 7,000 online commitments from students, parents, educators and community members across Greater Vancouver area to be “anti-bullies”.  Again a genius idea.

1421278746776A wonderful way to get the whole family involved in a great event and play with their all time favorite toy!  Sponsored by TELUS and you know that you will be in for a day of spoiling and laughs.  Plus some great lessons to teach the kids in terms of cooperation skills when it comes to working as a family unit.

Put your families skills to the test and join in on the fun day of bonding February 7th from 1pm – 5pm!  Join in all the fun and make sure that you take a moment and pledge!

Together we can all take steps against bullying.  Be an Anti-Bully.


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