I think I want this hair do….

I have been looking at this hairdo for the better part of three years now thinking about how much i like it, if it would look good on me etc etc…  Ideally I would have liked to be thinner as i find straight across bangs don’t always look amazing on “fat chicks” like myself.  BUT nonetheless i think my next hair cut is going to be this one??

Have you ever shy’d from getting a hair cut before?  Did you end up getting it done??  Did you hate it??

Now what do you think I should do, we have all seen me with the side bangs

See not so bad and I had to straighten them EVERYDAY but it was worth it.  I even managed to always find the time to do it too which was GREAT!  I have even sported the straight across as a small child.

I am hopeful that i will look mature like in the first photo, not like i do here lol.

So you think i can pull off, at least long enough for them to grow back right?!?

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  1. I think you would look cute with that hairstyle! I haven’t had bangs since high school, I have been thinking about getting side bangs again.

    I’m the worse about decided on a haircut. I’m trying to grow my hair out to donate to Locks of Love. I keep getting frustrated, but I haven’t cut it yet (well, besides the needed trim here and there). I’m tempted to go chop it, but I’m just about two inches away from the requirement to donate. I’m trying to hold off!

    Have a great day!


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