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Sometimes we need to inject a little bit of colour or add a little opulence to our home.  We spend so much time in our houses and yet quite often they don’t reflect us as a human being. We get stuck in a style rut and forget how influential our surroundings are.

Walking into a home should be a journey for your guests and the best houses tell a story about the inhabitants.  What they enjoy, where they have been and who they are.  There are a variety of ways of delivering little clues from photos on your wall, to the books you display and the colours you dress your walls with.

Lighting can make a bold statement too, especially if you have big, high ceilings.  Check out some of these cool pieces from the Chandelier Group and get inspired.  If you have the room, what could look more opulent than a crystal chandelier or a bold colourful globe taking centre stage?  You don’t have to spend a fortune, there are some great hacks to getting brilliant style on a budget.

You could look at investing in a few feature lamps too.  From the range of Abigail Ahern animal lamps to more industrial sculptured lighting, there are so many ways you can put your stamp on an interior and really show your guests what makes you tick.


When looking at art or photography, consider the flow throughout your home.  A great rule to storytelling on your walls is to start at the beginning.  Hallways with images of your children or from when you first met your partner are a brilliant way of setting the mood for your guests.  Then throwing in some paintings or alternative photography that really strikes something in your heart.  As you move to the living room you could include some typography pieces which make a statement and allow your friends to understand how you see life.  Make pieces upstairs more intimate.

Furniture says a lot more about you than you might believe.  From perfectly angled edges with clear white surfaces to a more comfortable soft vibe with loads of throws and cushions to encourage people to snuggle up.  Maybe cooking is your biggest love so let the world see that in how you dress your kitchen.  What kind of chef are you? Is your kitchen full of gadgets or are you more traditional with pots of wooden spoons and heavy cast iron pans on show?

Our homes tell a story and we should take time to be a little more aware of putting ourselves on show.  You should be proud when people come to visit and enjoy when someone asks you about a photograph or a book you have on display.  Create focal points which become talking points and make sure the person who influences the interior design of the house, is the person who is most influenced by it.  You.

When you are at home, relaxing, happy, sad or lonely you should be able to walk into any room and be reminded of small moments in your life that made you the family, or the person, you are today.

How does your home décor tell a story?


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