How To Host An Awesome Dinner Party For Your Friends

dinner party

Hosting a dinner party for your friends is a great thing to do if you’re celebrating a special occasion, or you just want to spend some more time with them. I mean it is so hard to see friends when you are a parent – scheduling something fun in advance is a great way to see them all at once and have a great time doing it!

These tips will help you to host an awesome dinner party:

Make A Mood Setting Playlist

The mood of the evening can be set by many factors, from the lighting to the temperature. However, a mood setting playlist should have the best effect on your guest’s moods. Think of the theme of the night and what you want the evening to go like. Then make a playlist to accompany it. Include songs for everybody so that they are all happy. Avoid putting anything too controversial on there. The music shouldn’t be too distracting, as you’re going to want everybody to chat and get along at the dinner party.

Set A Dress Code

Setting a dress code is another great way to set the tone of the evening. Want to make it a really special occasion? Make sure everybody knows that they need to dress up! You could even have a fancy dress dinner party if you want to have some laughs.

Take Everybody’s Tastes Into Account

Make sure that when it comes to food, you take everybody’s tastes into account. Knowing whether to make spicy food can be tricky. You also want to make sure there are no allergies or strong dislikes. Then there are meat eaters and vegetarians. You have a lot to think about! You might want to make a separate dish for somebody with an allergy or for somebody who doesn’t eat meat, but it can be easier to cook everybody the same thing. Make sure you cook something you know will turn out great!

dinner party

Make Sure You Have Enough To Drink

Good drink always accompanies good dinner parties, so make sure you have plenty. You can find great wines on pages like Make sure your booze goes with the food you’re cooking. You also want to cater for those who may not be drinking, never leave your designated drivers etc.. out when you are planning the drinks. I love picking one of two cocktails that can be served virgin for those choosing to not drink. That being said make sure all people have a way to identify their drinks so no mix ups happen.

Think Of Some Fun Games

A dinner party and fun games go together hand in hand. Make sure nobody will be offended or upset by the games you want to play. Some people may be more shy than others. They might not want to get up and play Twister or a game like that! Think of different suggestions and consider letting everybody vote for what they want to play. If you have great weather consider heading outside for a fun game of Baci which can be played in any attire.

Really Consider Your Guest List

You don’t need to invite people who already know each other to have a great time. Consider just inviting people you think will get along well, and your friends might make friends with each other too! It can really create a fun dynamic when not everyone knows one another too, lord knows you could start a brand new tradition.

Make Sure You Have Enough Seating

Having enough seating is essential for a good dinner party. Nobody wants to have to eat on the corner of a table with their elbows knocking another person. Make sure you are creating a nice cozy space for everyone to enjoy their meal, let them take their time and really get to know one another. It would be hard to get along with new people when you keep getting elbowed you know what I mean??

When was the last time you hosted a dinner party???


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