Great Watching On Netflix This Month!

Everyone knows that we are a cable free home making Netflix a main feature in our home.  Thankfully that is a super easy thing to do since Netflix gets better and better each and every month.  I think out of all the months this last one would have to have been the best for releases.  I can’t wait to tell you all about some of the shows I have been consuming.

Marco Polo

trailer-and-poster-for-netflixs-epic-series-marco-poloThe first season of Netflix original series Marco Polo was great.  The costumes were amazing, something that is always important to me, script and cast are brilliant and I am dying to see what happens next.  Can you believe that I actually really like the Kahn?  I am serious I think he is kinda the best in this show, so down to earth (more so than other characters) and witty.  Plus his wife is fantastic.  A great first season and I can’t wait till they release the second season!



Now this one really surprised me I can’t stress that enough.  The cast of Idiot Abroad, starring Ricky Gervais, which is why I think I was honestly so surprised.  It is about an old folks home and the people who care for them.  This Netflix original does an incredible job of marrying inappropriate humour with severely thought provoking and touching moments.  Each episode I have seen so far has either made me cry or, in the least, tear up.  Worth checking out, you need to give this one a decent chance.  I know it will win you over and pull your heart strings like it did mine.

The Big Lebowski


This is one of my all time favorites, no jokes.  I mean it is a classic, I remember watching it all the time back in high school.  When it was declared a genius movie by all drama nerds at the school, yes I know total sheep.  Great cast, great script, and of course perfect comedic timing and you have a great movie.  A perfect movie for a movie night with your sweet baboo, a couple brews and a big bowl of gourmet popcorn!

My last suggestion to you, if you haven’t already, is Misfits.  A great British show, two seasons officially, about some delinquents developing super powers in a storm.  I know you may raise your eyebrow at me but I bet you will like it, give it a shot!

Happy watching!



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