Go Green in Your Home

In recent times, our carbon footprints have been thrust into the limelight; we’ve truly been stopped at the climate change traffic lights, and in order to go on, we must go green. Below, are a few ways to make your home more energy efficient and even benefit yourself as you do so.

Firstly, your insulation must be upgraded, especially if your house was built a good while ago. Without sufficient insulation, the heat produced in your home will just take it upon itself to let itself out whenever it feels like it. This is detrimental to well-being of the earth as it a massive contribution to the way in which the climate is heating, plus it means you’re losing all the heat you’ve paid for by way of your mental heating system and electric heating systems. Your first port of call in the exercise of properly insulating your home (ensuring there is no asbestos in your home!) should be to ensure that the windows are sufficiently safeguarded against the threat of heat trying to escape. Checks you can do to determine the areas of the window to focus on, first of all, include feeling around the edge of the frame and if a breeze can be felt, then bingo! there’s the hole through which your heat is leaving your home. You should simply seek to patch these areas with window sealer. This, however, doesn’t mean you should stop running your hand around the edge of your window frame (no matter how silly you may feel or look). If you can still feel a breeze in the sealed areas, or any other areas in fact, then you should consider getting them replaced.

You should also consider going green in regards to the way you power your electricity. Specifically, this means you should consider converting to solar panel electricity systems as soon as possible so that they can get to work converting sunlight into electricity. There are a few reasons why you may not have done this before: you may think that you live in an area where enough sun is produced, or that the price of them initially is too high. Well, now it’s time to dispel a few myths: solar panels don’t need direct sunlight as they can still generate electricity on the cloudiest of days; and there a whole host of solar savings to be made, like adding battery storage and always shopping around for the possibility of cheaper panels. Adding a solar panel to the top of your home could result in you saving a massive 50% on your electric bill, so what are you waiting for?


Finally, you should be aware that 73% of ways to increase energy efficiency are involved with lighting. The more you make use of your lighting, the more you will get out of it, and the less you’ll waste. For instance, you should aim to place lamps in corners so that they can reflect off two corners, rather than just one, which will broaden the stretch of the light, thus meaning that other lights don’t need to be switched on. Also, light-coloured shades should be sought as they let out light much more than dark ones, so it not only livens up your living room decor, but stops electrical energy being over-used and ultimately impacting your carbon footprint.

How do you go green in your house??


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