Girls Lift Too: 7 Golden Tips To Take Your Gains To The Next Level

Sculpting the dream body is an aspiration shared by millions. Whether you’re male or female, an athletic physique will unlock greater joy and happiness throughout your life. And there’s never been a better time to take on the challenge.

It’s 2016, and women are no longer expected to solely focus on cardio. Strong women like Ronda Rousey have shown us what the female body is capable of achieving. You don’t need to be a UFC star to want to gain a muscular figure. If you want to add muscle, do it

However, it’s a lot easier said than done. It takes hard work, discipline, and a winning plan of action. Here are seven extremely beneficial tips that will help you on your journey. Embrace them immediately to unleash girl power to the max.

Choose The Right Routines

Whether it’s adding muscle or toning up, your hard work in the gym deserves to be rewarded with maximized results. But if you follow a routine that’s anything less than perfect, the progress will forever remain limited.

There are a variety of different elements that need to be considered. Whether it’s growing your butt or adding size to your arms, those routines should be targeted for your goals. Meanwhile, it’s important to mix things up too. After all, the body is very quick to adapt – keep it on its toes, and you should see far greater long-term progress.

Of course, you need to consider rest times and other features too. Either way, effective routines should be your priority. Even if it means hiring a personal trainer.

Don’t Ignore Cardio

When focusing on strength training, those exercises will form the bulk of your routines. However, you cannot afford to overlook cardio altogether.

Many inexperienced gym-goers feel that the cardio work will undo some of the progress. In truth, a few minutes on the treadmill or cross trainer will accelerate your progress. With muscles warmed up, you should be able to perform better. It’s likely to prevent the likelihood of injuries too.

Use The Right Clothes & Accessories

Exercise should be tough work. However, it should be enjoyable too. Quite frankly, if you don’t feel comfortable when completing those routines, you’ll soon give up.

Well-fitted clothes are essential.  Meanwhile, choosing the best weight training shoes will boost your comfort too. Not only will training become more enjoyable, but you’ll produce better form to increase your progress.

It’s worth taking a bag with a hand towel and other essentials with you. Moreover, there’s nothing more frustrating than having a face full of hair. Keep it tied up.


Fuel Your Body

You don’t need to be a genius to realize that exercise is only a small part of the battle for a dream body. If you’re committed to seeing the very best results, your diet is equally crucially to the cause. Fuelling your body with the right foods before and after a workout can upgrade your performance in the gym, and the progress out of it. Meanwhile, you can use various supplements to further increase the progress.

Perhaps the most integral feature, however, is to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will bring vast benefits to other parts of your life, such as better skin. Most importantly, though, it gives you a foundation for pushing your body further. If that doesn’t lead to greater outcomes, what will?

Make Smarter Lifestyle Choices

The simple equation of diet plus exercise should be the central focus of your body transformation. Then again, getting fitter should be viewed as a 24/7 challenge. After all, you can’t just turn a switch off. Every move you make will influence your body. Do not forget it for a second.

There’s nothing wrong with the odd glass of wine. But excessive drinking will cause negative impacts on your body and on your next workout. Perhaps the biggest improvement that you can make, however, is to change your sleeping patterns. This is a time for your body to recover and recuperate; for your muscles to grow. Besides, a better sleep will leave you feeling more energized in the morning too.

Of course, there are a variety of other lifestyle upgrades that can be made. You could, for example, start cycling to work rather than driving. A strong mindset is arguably the greatest weapon in your arsenal. Utilize it on a daily basis, and you will not go wrong.

Don’t Go It Alone

Gaining maximized results from your strength training requires hard work and discipline. One of the main problems with this is that it can have a negative impact on your social life. Most people will agree it’s worth the sacrifice as there’s no greater feeling than being confident in your skin. Nevertheless, it is an element worth considering. One of the best ways to overcome the challenge is to start working out with a friend.

Whether it’s teaming up with a current friend or finding a fitness buddy online doesn’t matter. You’ll be able to motivate each other while you can share tips and advice to increase the gains. Other options include taking group classes and competing in local events. Either way, injecting a sense of fun will work wonders for your cause.

Celebrate Progress

Let’s face it; every woman has a reason for wanting to get fit. Whether it’s feeling confident on the beach, compete for a living, or be a better mother doesn’t matter. Essentially, it’s a challenge that is designed to enhance your life. So when you do accomplish those goals, it’s important to let yourself celebrate those achievements.

After all, life is for living. Whether it’s booking a spa treatment or a new outfit isn’t important, the key is that you reward yourself. Of course, you could combine this with your new love of strength training by taking on a physical activity weekend.

Either way, there’s little point in working so hard if you don’t let the progress enhance your life. Aside from anything else, those rewards can work as a huge incentive to ensure that you maintain your thirst for gains.

Since girls lift too, do you?


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