The Gift Of More Time – One Dad Wins Mother’s Day

I am, like many mother’s out there, part of many local amazing mom Facebook groups. There is always a huge sense of community in these groups. We help each other when we are in need, no matter what it might be there is always someone to help. We lend each other shoulders when the only kind of support the person needs is a good cry. We pay parking meters for parents who just can’t get back outside to refill them while their little one is sick. We rant and rave to each other when we desperately need someone to hear us. Amongst all holidays there is always added drama and joy – I like to focus on all the joyous parts of these groups.

Which is why I needed to bring this story to light today, with the gracious permission of the original poster who shall remain anonymous.

This is the story of the Dad who won Mother’s Day 2017…

As with lots of things in life as parent we get to the point in time where it is time to let go of something rather large. Something that holds a large amount of meaning that you just can’t take with you and you can not replace. This is exactly the type of moment a mom in our local group was facing.

She was going to be moving away and leaving behind her nursery.

Yes it is time to move on and find a new space but this moment was a hard one. Having worked on the room with her now passed father this room held a super special meaning. One that I could very much relate to having moved away from every childhood home I ever had with either of my parents.

Having spent hours in there choosing every item with care, spending those pregnant peaceful moments painting a┬átree on her children’s walls. Then the years added on top of that raising her kids – this was a very hard blow for her.

That’s when this woman’s husband really stepped up to plate and you have to hear what he did from the source herself.

Dad Wins Mothers Day

Isn’t that just the most incredible thing you have ever heard?

This man managed to give the one gift every single one of us mother’s wants: the gift of more time…

More time to live in that moment, more time to linger in those memories. This is something she will treasure for so many years, even her grandkids will see this and imagine the solace this will give in old age. Saving moments like these is a brilliant idea – a brilliant way to relive moments gone too soon.

Dad Wins Mothers Day

More time in this room.

If you could have saved one moment in this way what would it be??


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