Get to Sleep With These Bedtime Techniques

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In life, we rush from place to place and try our damnedest to get everything done in a timeframe. Most of the time, we wish we could go faster, get more done, become more productive. That is until it comes to bedtime. Obviously, you want things to slow down where sleep is involved. In fact, this is near enough the only time you can kick back and stop getting everything done at top-speed. There’s just one issue; things slow down in the wrong area. Instead of chilling you out, bedtime stresses you more because of how long it takes to get to sleep. This is the one time when speed would be welcome. And, yet, it’s usually slow as a tortoise.

It can be frustrating. Not only do delays lead to wasted time, but they can also cost valuable sleep. That’s not good news! But, it’s not all bad. You’ve come to the right place if you want to speed things up when it comes to sleep, too. Read on to find out how you can win this race.

A device-free bedroom

Be honest;do you spend ten minutes scrolling through your phone when you go to bed? Many of us do. It’s like one final check that all is well. But, that ten-minute period could be the reason you find sleep so hard. As well as filling your brain with thoughts and anxieties, devices like these contain blue light. This impacts melatonin production, and melatonin helps sleep. See the problem? To avoid this, make your bedroom a tech free zone. Invest in a small alarm clock so you have no reason for your phone here. Then, get into the habit of leaving your devices downstairs. This could have a massive impact, especially if you replace it with something like meditation or reading.

Bedtime Techniques

Make your bed irresistible

We’re only human, and none of us can resist comfort. Sitting on a comfortable chair, for instance, can relax our muscles and send us to sleep. And, you may find the same thing with your bed. There’s every chance it’s comfortable already. But, apparently not enough to send you into instant sleep. So, invest in new pillows or even a mattress which can take care of this. Memory foam mattresses and pillows are a fantastic option as they mold to your body. As such, you’ll slip straight into the shape of your sleeping self when you lie down. And, that could lead to your slipping straight to sleep.

The scent of sleep

Few of us consider using scents in the bedroom, but this could be the answer to your troubles. Scents like lavender have clear links between feelings of relaxation and sleep. As such, incorporating lavender potpourri in your bedroom could work wonders. You could even drip essential oils onto the underside of your pillow. Make sure to keep scents like these for your bedroom alone. In no time, your brain will start to shut off as soon as it smells that lavender goodness.

With these tips we hope you have a great night sleep!

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