Garden Fun For Mum And Child

It’s always a good idea to get your kids to play outside if you can. After all, it’s much better for them to be enjoying the fresh air, rather than to be stuck indoors in the house. However, it often leaves mums perplexed when they have to consider what to do with their kids in the garden. But there are a wealth of ideas which will be fun for you and your child. Therefore, here are some ideas for garden fun for mum and child.

Do some gardening together

You might be surprised that kids actually quite enjoy gardening. They love being able to water the plants. And it can give them a sense of achievement watching the plants thrive due to them taking care of them. Therefore, spend time with your kids doing some gardening. You could even pop to your local nursery where you can pick up some flowers which you can plant together in the garden. It will take up a couple of hours, and if it’s a nice day, it will be the perfect way to spend some time together in the yard. You could also make a vegetable area which is also a fun activity for your child to get involved in. As we said before, they love to watch vegetables grow. And once they are fully formed, they are much more likely to eat them with their dinner! Gardening is a fun activity for mums too; it can be quite therapeutic if you are stressed out.


Have an outdoor picnic

You could also have an outdoor picnic with your child in the garden. If it’s a beautiful day, you could make some food inside, and then take it into the garden to enjoy with your little one. You could either spread out a picnic blanket and have a traditional afternoon with your child. Or if you would rather not eat on the grass, you could lay out all the food on the outdoor table and chairs. If you haven’t got any furniture, you could go to the shops to get something similar to rattan effect garden furniture. That way, you can use it in your garden throughout the rest of spring and summer. And once you have had your picnic, you could always read your child a book while sitting in the sun. It’s much nicer than having to go indoors to read the book on the sofa.

Time to get the paddling pool out

There’s nothing better than splashing away in the pool with your kid. But if you can’t head to your local swimming pool, you can still enjoy some water fun in the garden. For one thing, you could get a paddling pool out which you can use to play in with your child. They will love to cool off when the weather is hot. And it will provide at least an hour or two of fun for your kid. Make sure you have a towel outside for them to dry off with before they head back indoors.

And you can even play some outdoor games which will be fun for you and your kid. For example, a game of football or tennis will definitely be a great way to have some fun in your garden.

What do you love to do in your garden?


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