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The spotlight of this week is : Ginger Snaps

Let’s read more about her and show her some love :

Hi. I’m Ginger from over at Ginger Snaps Crafts. It’s a place to share ideas I’ve found, & inspire you to create along with me. I’m a wife to one awesome guy & a busy mom of 5 wild & crazy kiddos. I love to blog, garden, craft, organize & most of all be with my family. I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years. I love keeping a journal of my family, but I thought our family blog was getting a little overrun with all my craftiness. So, I decided it was time to part ways & start my very own craft blog. :) {Would love to have you stop by!}

* * *
Today I decided to join a blog hop.  I have been sad with the lack of new followers coming in so I am starting to make a really big effort to perhaps increase my weekend participation.  Seeming as it is the only time that I have to catch up on any of the work that I need to do.  With the daycare and summer coming around the corner I find myself getting really exhausted as soon as all the kids are in bed and I have sometime to work.  Usually I don’t, i’m WAY too pooped.  
I know this is a universal problem with moms in the blogging world, finding the time to get what they want out of their blogging experience.  I find that I have ALOT on my plate right now, one of my gfs on said to me on FB “I feel that I cant handle what is on my plate; and you have stuff over flowing yours!”  Is it just me??  Do I love the thrill of chaos so much that I pile it on myself when things are good.  Let us review what I have to do or have been doing:
  • Teaching the Basic Blogging for Beginners – The Online Class  
  • configuring my class coming up in July. 
  • My daycare which includes a preschool curriculum and monthly newsletter, not to mention the daily reports I send home with each family.  
  • Keeping up with this blog and trying to improve it and ADD to it.  Turning into a huge job and, like a lot of you, seems to never end. 
  • Trying to keep Little Fat Girl afloat as best I can to hopefully one day make the same changes I have here with Mumfection If i can manage to keep up with its load.  
  • Cleaning my house as I make sure it is SPOTLESS at all times, so i’m doing it all once everyday.  I find the more often I clean the LESS I have to actually clean.  Thankfully I also have an OCD clean freak for a hubby to help me out with that xoxoxo!
  • Not to mention the feeding and clothing of myself and all my kids lol.  

Think I have enough to do?  I do too… Honestly this isn’t even all of it!! You should see my to do list, luckily my house is spotless and everything is as it should be thanks to the long weekend.  That is right folks us Canadians got a long weekend for Victoria Day!! Horay!  I needed it I mean look at all the stuff I had to do this weekend!!!

Hope you all had a good one too xoxoxoxo!!  Thanks for the visit and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a comment and a follow !!

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    1. Just popping in to say Happy Tuesday! XO

    2. Thank you for the vote! We really appreciate your support :)

    3. Hi! Visiting from Blog Hop. I am your newest follower! Please check out my blog when you have a chance! Have a great week!

    4. Hi – cute blog you have. I also feel like my plate is waaaaay too full. Anyway, following you from Fun Tuesday Hop and looking forward to reading more from your blog. Have a great evening.

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