From Here On Out #EveryStepCounts

Today marks the very first day of my newest fitness challenge this year!  This one I am partnering up with a team of other great bloggers, and TELUS, to compete to see who will get the most steps before Feb 16th.  I can tell you that I am already really excited and super nervous about my ability to keep up with the rest of the group.

In light of that I am also really looking forward to having the others push me harder to keep up with them.  It will only do good things for my waist line at this point and I welcome a challenge.  Not to mention love the fact that this big group of us will be so encouraging, helping all of us stay accountable and on our feet most importantly.

In order to do this challenge the amazing TELUS folks handed each of us a fitbit charge to help us stay in the game and compete against one another.  If you don’t already have a fitbit I can’t suggest it more highly.  It monitors my sleep, so I can prove to my husband how his snoring actually does impact my sleep, how many steps I take, and it also helps me track how much water I am drinking daily and food I am eating!


Best part is they set up a great little training session for me (with the awesome Zahra at Metrotown) and she helped me set the whole thing up and taught me a thing or two about my device.  For instance she was telling me all about how to properly clean my new little wrist buddy and how much easier it is to track food by syncing the my fitness pal app to it!  Little tricks that I wouldn’t have known about to be honest, plus I got to take home some cleaning solution as I am more that sure that I was going to need it.

To showcase just how awesome TELUS really is, throughout the month of February, TELUS will donate $20 to the Heart and Stroke Foundation for every fitness tracker purchased from TELUS (up to a maximum of $30,000) in hopes that more Canadians get active, while supporting this important organization!  A great excuse for all of you to go out there and get one this month and join me!

PLUS if you do we can become friends and taunt one another into good health!  You bet that’s an option!

Follow along with all our fun using the #EveryStepCounts hashtag and make sure to cheer me on!




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