From Freshers to Family: Make Your Decor More Adult

When you’re a student or young adult, you start to have your own proper space for the first time. Your bedroom is no longer in your parents’ house, and you get to decorate common areas with the people you live with. You have a chance to develop your sense of interior style more. But as you get older and perhaps start living on your own, then growing a family, you need to make sure your tastes keep growing. If your decor still looks a little like you’ve only just left home, it might be time to take a more adult approach.

Switch Up Your Lighting

When you’re a young adult, there’s something about strings of fairy lights that call to you. They make that drab university halls bedroom seem a bit more magical, and they do the same for your first privately rented room. But when you’re making a family home, the fairy lights are perhaps best left for your daughter’s princess bedroom, instead of hung in your living room. You can have some adult lighting that still looks magical if that’s what you’re looking for. In fact, you can even jazz up your old fairy lights by adding some decoration to them. Just try to take a more sophisticated approach to your lights.


Frame Your Posters

In your late teens and early 20s, you’re often living somewhere where you’re not allowed to put up posters or other wall art. But, of course, you do it anyway. As a proper adult, there’s nothing to say that you can’t still have posters on your walls. However, simply tacking them to the wall and leaving them as they are won’t do anymore. If you want to preserve your posters and make them look more grown up, you need large frames to keep your posters looking neat. Don’t feel that you have to stick to the posters of your favourite bands, though. There’s a lot of smart, framed art that you can enjoy.

Scent Your Home with Candles

When you’re a young adult, an air freshener, whether plugged in or sprayed from a can, can hide all manner of sins. It’s convenient to have one to hand for any unexpected visitors. They can still be useful to use in your home later, but they’re not the most sophisticated of options. For a more adult way to impart a pleasant scent to your home, try a scented candle or two. Reed diffusers also look great on a mantelpiece or side table.

Make Your Storage More Grownup

You don’t much care how you store things as a student, as long as everything is hidden away. But as a proper adult, you might want to think more about presentation. For example, you might not drink quite as much as you used to, but you still have plenty of bottles and other drinks supplies. A younger you might have just stacked them in a corner, but now you can display them on a drinks cart or even create a home bar.

Don’t keep your interiors looking like a student hangout. If you’re an adult with a family, it’s time to get more grown up.



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