How About FreeYumm In The Kids Stockings This Year?


I know I’m not the only one that likes to fill the kids stocking some of chocolate and candy canes and all these wonderful sugary treats. Of course with that comes other things like gag gifts and jokes and socks and toiletries and all that kind of good stuff. What if this year you manage to give them those treats while still making them think they’re getting all that sugar. FreeYumm manages to do just that.

After tasting it was still treats they even have me convinced that these are all I’ll need. I could almost get the chocolate oranges, The candy canes, the endless cookies, As long as I had a few of their double chocolate cookies in my pocket. I mean we just finished Halloween do we really need to add to the constant supply of sugar throughout the year? Can’t we managed to give them that amazing flavour without the worry of allergens and pesticides and sugars and all that jazz that they tell us is terrible for our kids.


Again the great people at FreeYumm have managed to do just that. Creating these allergin free snacks and treats for your little ones to take to school or for you to stuff in their stockings this year. These treats and bars; they’re all guilt free. A feeling that many of us feel during the chaos of Christmas morning.

So when I do yourself a favour skip the sugar rush 8 o’clock in the morning on Christmas Day and go for instead a few bars of these amazing FreeYumm bars. Mom guilt free bars perfect for your kids and perfect for making sure that you’re not having a sugar crash in the middle of your Christmas Day.


Tell me what you put your kids stockings each year?


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