finally found the motivation

Alright I am here.  I am blogging.  

I thought that today i would focus on a family blog, it is Sunday after all, and I have noticed my blog doesn’t seem to have enough of my kids in it so i’ll be obnoxious for a little while.  Yes i will show you at the end of this blog those first crafting attempts I made last night.  I am going to show you some photos from this weekend and you’re all going to go “aww those are so cute, how lovely and AWWWWW!”  So why not just jump right in and show you my eldest making a cookie!  Well decorating the left over cookies we had from his birthday that we had in the freezer.  I made blue icing this time lol! 

Spreading the icing
“Mmmm, which sprinkles shall i choose!?”
about to take first bite!
“Mmm yummy mummy!”

 See wasn’t that “aaawww” worthy??  I thought so!  Especially with him wearing it on his nose.  He looks at me and says “oh, nose mommy! HAHAHAAHAHA”  F he’s fing hilarious!!  And what did youngest do today that amused me?!  Him trying to play computer with his older brother, and eldest trying to teach him!
“what mum?!”
“you’re distracting me.”

And that is what my kids did today.  I mean they did ALOT more than that but this is what i took photos of; in the morning, clearly before they or I had gotten ready for the day.  Gotta love lazy Sundays!  We always start so much later on Sundays.  But we had a nice family day out and about in the neighborhood.  Now, as I promised, my crafting photos.  

Since my hubby decided we were going to watch that movie “inception” (which was interesting but i wasn’t in the mood to pay that much attention to a plot that clearly needed my undivided attention.  I divided it lol.) Anyways while he was trying to watch the movie i was fiddling around with my wire trying to see what i can do or if this idea was gonna be a total bust.  THESE ARE JUST WIRE CREATIONS; i haven’t had spare money to get some beads at this point but i have time!  This is what I made:

VERY FIRST ONE, thats why it sucks… also had no idea what it was going to end up being lol.
second creation, getting better.
Up close of creation two
Creation number three!
more creation number three; i like it coming up the glass like that!
So what do you think?? Think i can pull it off with a little practice and some beads??



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