Feel Fabulous With Your Girls!

On a wild and crazy whim I wanted to do something nice for a few people in my life.  This goes for both my guests as well as the lovely lady behind Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa and I have to say it was an amazing idea.

As moms all of us have been just way too stressed as all of us are and we really needed to just throw in the towel and vent with one another.  You know one of those nights were you are just letting it all out: giggling, crying, eating and drinking far too much.  Over Sangria, pakoras, chicken and red wine ice cream we bonded and got to know our Feel Fab girls while they set up our spa area in my living room.


They literally brought everything they needed for the little spa party girls night in just two big rubber maids I was floored at just how amazing they packed everything in and how portable it all was.  Not to mention how quickly they setup, we hadn’t even finished making our massive batch of sangria and BAM they were ready to go!!

The girls jumped in right away getting started with the difficult task of choosing colors, and trust me they make it really hard with tons of great colors.

See what I am saying?? It was truly a fabulous evening with my friends, especially the ones that bring me wine, ice cream, pakoras and do my nails!  I do have to really mention that it was super relaxing, not that you would know I was relaxing from all the talking and giggling we were doing but it is so true.

With everything aside our feel fabulous girls were so amazing listening to all of our crazy, providing us with a side of therapy and helping us all connect and bond even more.  Life is always getting in the way man, and to be perfectly honest we just don’t get enough time to sit with one another.  I was just so happy to get the opportunity to share the feel fab girls with my girls.

As with all things though our wonderful evening had to come to an end and we all had to say our goodbyes.  It was honestly the worst part of the night of course, but I can’t wait to organize another one of these for my own girlfriends.

But you don’t need a girls night to enjoy what they have to offer cause guess what??  They specialize in little kids parties and even better they know how to include little boys in there parties too so you don’t have to worry about co-ed parties.  There are great beauty kits, loot bags and great party package prices.  Though I can’t promise you the same amazing company that I had, I know the feel fabulous girls will ensure your time with them is super fun and incredibly memorable for everyone!

Thank you so much again to my girls who came out to get pampered with me and to Feel Fabulous Mobile Spa for taking the time to come out and pamper all of us!!

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