Fan Expo Vancouver Is Coming This November!

My favorite time of year is here again, and in a totally different season: Fan Expo Vancouver is coming this November 11th-13th and I am tickled pink as always at the idea! There is so much great stuff happening this year and I can’t wait to share a little of everything with you again this year. I will be exploring every inch of the Expo that I can and updating you all along the way as always. This year I can’t wait to get even more interactive with all of you!

But what is there to get excited about this year??

Guests this year are already lining up and making jaws drop since they have everyone from Carrie Fisher to Dean Cain. Alex Kingston, Jack Barrowman, Kevin Smith and even Jewel Staite and Tom Felton are going to be gracing us with their presence plus I know more will be revealed even closer to the date. They love to keep us guessing with more and more additions closer to the date of Fan Expo Vancouver. I wonder who or if I will get a chance to interview anyone special this year! Check out my old interviews with Amanda Tapping and Morena Baccarin!

harley was soo sassy in real life i loved her
harley was soo sassy in real life i loved her
Bunny Ears for Easter!
Bunny Ears for Easter last year!

Attractions are always amazing things to check out and every year they love to throw in something super amazing and super new. This year their newest and coolest idea is their speed dating section!! That is right folks you could meet the nerd of your dreams and really hit if off based on the things that you already love. Maybe even find forbidden love with a Trekkie when you are a Star Wars fan. Something else spectacular is the night with Kevin Smith that you can take advantage of this year.

Merchandise is something that I am dying to get my hands on every year. Never EVER come without some pocket money because you will find something you will desperately want. I can’t leave without something amazing and I always find amazing things at Fan Expo Vancouver. Between all the amazing vendors and artists it will be impossible to leave without something amazing. I mean look at just some of the good stuff I got my hands on last year.


That ladies and gentlemen are only a few great reasons to check out Fan Expo Vancouver this year, and since it is so amazing this year Fan Expo and I wanted to give a lucky reader of mine a chance to enjoy it this year to! You know since today is my birthday and all and I want to spread the joy!

I have TWO tickets for the Friday or Sunday of Fan Expo Vancouver (choice is up to the winner!) and you only have a few days to enter to win them!!

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Make sure to share with your friends and tell me all about the things you are excited to see this year at Fan Expo Vancouver in the comments below!



  1. I want to meet John Barrowman, Alex Kingston, Kevin Smith, Jewel Stait, Tom Felton… Okay who am I kidding I want to meet them all. (I was really looking forward to Gillian Anderson too, it’s too bad she had to drop out).

  2. Love all the stars old and new. My daughter is freaking out about Tom Felton her favourite Harry Potter actor. She made a Harry Potter robe in school and would love the chance to catch a glimpse of Malfoy

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