Your Family’s New Best Friend: What To Consider Before Getting A Puppy

Before you get a puppy, there are a thousand and one things to consider. A dog is a huge responsibility, and will be part of your family – hopefully – for a very long time. When you get a dog, you’re making a commitment to love it and take care of it for its whole life. Although a dog’s presence in your life will be transient as they don’t live for as long as people, remember that you will be that dog’s whole life. It’s important, then, to make sure that you’re prepared. Here are some tips to help…

Can You Keep Your Puppy Healthy?

Make sure you’ve done your research on canine health. It’s important to ensure that you have pet insurance or a good chunk of savings in the bank for you to take care of any possible vet bills that might arise. Make sure that you get your pup neutered or spayed when they reach the correct age and look online for how to treat common doggy ailments – for instance, can be used to treat heartworm.

Do You Have Time For A Puppy?

It’s absolutely crucial that you make sure that you have time for a puppy. If everyone in your family is working full time and doesn’t spend much time at home, it’s probably time to concede that you won’t be as good at taking care of your puppy as you’d like to be. Puppies require a lot of time, love and attention, and older dogs require a lot of long walks and interaction. If you can’t give those things to your new pup, consider making a donation to an animal shelter instead so you can support dogs without actually adopting one.

Do You Know How To Train A Puppy?

No one’s saying that you have to be an expert at training dogs. On the contrary – you will probably do a lot of learning at the same times as your puppy! But it’s crucial that you’re willing to put in that time to learn so your puppy can be kept safe by walking calmly on the lead, responding to your commands, and treating people and other animals well. Look around for obedience classes in your area.


Is Your Home Puppy Proofed?

Make sure that your whole family understands that puppies chew and eat things they find on the floor so it’s important that your children put away all their small toys like pieces of Lego and that shoes are put in cupboards so they don’t get destroyed. Add child proof locks to all the kitchen cabinets and keep toxic cleaning supplies well out of your pup’s reach.


Are You Sure That Your Whole Family Will Pull Their Weight?

Maybe your partner or kids have been begging for a dog for years. If so, make sure that they pull their weight when it comes to taking care of your new family member. Make a rota for feeding and walking your dog and make sure that everyone takes their turn training him or her.

So tell me, if your family ready for a puppy??


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