How To Entertain Those Bored Kids This Spring Break

Bored Kids
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If you have kids, you know they can get bored, and they can get bored quite easily. We all have to deal with hyperactive attention spans after all, even as adults, but the most common place you’ll find one is in your kid! And then finding something to keep their minds off of how bored they are takes at least a good half hour, exhausting the both of you in the process!

However, it doesn’t have to be that hard. There’s plenty of ways you can take the time to entertain a seriously bored kid, as long as you have the energy to think about it (no blame here if you struggle). But if you’ve already collapsed into bed or onto the sofa at the end of the day, and someone comes running up to you, you’re going to be cursing your luck. And that’s why this post is here! If you’re looking for some good ideas otherwise to try and enrich your home life together, check out the list below.

Get into the Kitchen

Humans love the kitchen. It’s the place where all the food comes from, and no matter what age you are, there’s a good chance you’re motivated by food. The same can be said for your kids, and even more so considering how much of a sweet tooth they have. Use this to your advantage when someone isn’t feeling great about their day, and get into the kitchen together. The cupboards are already stocked full, why not put the ingredients to good use?

There’s a lot of easy creations you can whip up here, and you’ll have a little helper on hand to clean out all of the bowels as you’re putting the trays into the oven. Don’t let them go overboard of course, but a bit of chocolate whip here and there isn’t going to harm anyone. You can even share your creations out amongst neighbors and their kids, or take them along to a bake sale or summer fair at your kid’s school. It’s a worthy cause you’ll be supporting after all!

Load Up the Tablet

So of course, sometimes the kids need to get off of their phones and away from computers, but that doesn’t mean these appliances can’t be used for good as well. Whilst people in the modern day and age have an addiction to being in front of the screen, their eyes hazy and strained after a couple of hours, it’s also fun at the same time.

If someone is bored and you’ve got your phone laying right next to you, use it to your advantage here. When they’re on the internet or playing a game online with you, you can easily monitor what it is they get up to. Plus, most kids are interested in the digital these days, so it’s a good way to connect with your children on a very personal level, and even open yourself up to some more fun experiences.

Playing something like Final Fantasy 15 mobile adventure together means you’re going to be accomplishing objectives you don’t tend to see in a lot of other games; it’s a strategy app after all, and you’ve got to do some smart thinking to beat other players on the map. As a family, that’s going to be easier than ever. Not to mention, if you or one of your kids has a nerd side to them, you’re going to enjoy the experience of such a legacy game even more.

Go Outside! 

Going outside is something we like to think we do less and less of, but when it comes down to it, kids still enjoy the freedom of the outdoors much more than being stuck indoors. And if you’re a parent, you’ll know this! You can run about to your heart’s content, make as much noise as you like when you’re in a public place like a park, and throw about frisbees and kick footballs (which is far too dangerous indoors!).

So if you’ve got some spare time, surprise your kids with a picnic in the outdoors, and take some fun outside activities out with you. It can end up being the best midweek night ever, and it’s always a novelty for you as the parent as well. Fresh air and sun on your skin, as well as feeling any stress wash right off of you as you watch your children have fun.

bored kids
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Throw Yourselves a Party

Parties don’t have to be reserved for birthdays alone, and there’s always a reason to throw one just for yourselves: to have fun! As an adult we realise it doesn’t need to be our birthday to buy a birthday cake, so why not put up some balloons and put on some dance music to have your kids bust a move to? It’s only going to be the few of you, so you’ll have the space and time to do so.

Do all of the preparations like you would an actual party, and lay out some finger foods and cups of juice for everyone to enjoy. Even though it’s the kids who are bored, as adults drinking out of tiny cups and nibbling on sausage rolls, we can get some real joy out of pretending! If you’ve got a spare afternoon or evening, roll out the proverbial red carpet and have some fun with your family; it’s cheap, and makes a nice change from the daily grind of life.

Feeling Entertained Yet?

If not, it’s time to put some of these ideas into practice, and throw in some spontaneity whilst you’re at it. These ideas were just a snapshot of all the ways you could start entertaining your bored children, when the usual stops working and they’re just moping around in the living room.

Having fun is something we can all enjoy in life, so make sure it’s an essential part of your household. You deserve it as the parent you are after all!

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