Eldest’s Third Birthday!

 So today was the big day.  Everyone decided to come at the set time for the party to end.  I was pretty pissed; still upset about the basic disregard for our schedule etc.. etc… I am just happy that eldest is too young to understand what exactly happened; especially when ppl where just horrifically and rudely late.  But that’s not what I came here to post about tonight.  I wanted to share our day with you, I hope you enjoy the following photos.  

our pumpkin cake!
Opening presents!

This year was just great in the respects that he was interested in opening his presents.  Last year we had to open the majority of them for him as he would have on opened and became fixed upon that one and only toy.  He showed amazing expressions of suprise and happiness I just loved it.  He was even polite and would go and kiss and say “tank you” to everyone who EVENTUALLY came by.  
Eldest sporting his Air Jordan track suite he got!
I hope you enjoyed the pics; I am not going to post up all the pictures as this post would probably never end.  But at least you get a look into my super uber small house!


  1. he’s so handsome! I love the cake! my ex-inlaws use to do that all the time when the teens were little and we threw b-day parties, it totally sucks and i stopped inviting them to be the b**ch they say I am.

    Hey Eschelle, did you comment on my blog that Intense Debate doesn’t always work?

  2. oh lol I’m used to dealing with people like that. So if i know they are going to be late, i just ‘happen’ to tell them that the party or whatever is at say 6 instead of 7! lol
    he looks really happy 🙂 glad he opened all the presents this time… 😀

  3. Oh dear, I also hate it when people DO NOT RSVP and then show up!
    *rolls eyes*

    Anyway, your little man looks so happy, and look at all those presents! Good job momma! 🙂

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