Eldest’s first camping trip (lots of photos)

I was looking thru a bunch of my photos from when eldest was in and around the same age as youngest is now.  I actually ended up stumbling upon photographs of his very first camping trip.  He is only about 7 months I think in these but he looks so cute and the trip was just lovely even though it rained the whole time.  This is my hubby’s favourite place to go camping in the summer, though we haven’t been back here since this particular time… soon enough though, I hope.

Weaver Lake BC
Weaver Lake BC
Weaver Lake BC

Aren’t those just amazing?!  Great fishing, not that we did any, and just lovely water, my hair has NEVER been so soft in my life HONEST! 

inside our trailer! (thank god for in-laws with heated trailers)

my father in law and auntie chey chey helping to set up…

yes that’s right we brought our own “grass”

Only way I would EVER go camping is with a trailer… not cause of the heat issue (most of the time the heater didn’t work and we even had to come home early because of it), but because I WILL NOT use an outhouse.  No way on earth will you see me walk into one.  Heck I wont even use the toilet on the greyhound bus when I took a 40hr bus trip to AZ.  I think that was way back in May 2004, my gr. 12 year when I just started to live with my mother, just after my 2yr break-up and before I met hubby.

isn’t it lovely?!  It’s all covered in moss such old growth its breathtaking! (note i’m on top of a hill on the side of a slope that goes down about 20ft till you hit the bottom here… those trees I couldn’t even see the bottom of them OR the top in that sun!)
Hubby took me along this trail; it eventually lead to a waterfall.

This place was so “prehistoric” looking to me.  Not the trail of course but the other parts of Weaver were covered in old growth.  The whole time we had to watch for bears and cougars which freaked me out pretty much the WHOLE time; but I still enjoyed my little “hobbit trail” as I called it. 

Eldest fooling around with auntie chey chey in his “frog prince” pjs.
Eldest taking a snooze on mum. 
Having fun camping!

And that was our first camping trip as a family!  Granted auntie chey chey was a bonus for mum and dad, she is one of our best friends not a “biological” aunt but like I have said before my family are my friends.  They are the people I hold closest because I have chosen for them to be apart of my life, and so have they. 

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like it was quite an adventure! At first, I was thinking “it’s awfully green for this time of year,” but then I realized they’re old pictures! 🙂

  2. oh my goodness…that place looks like a dream. matthew and i have been camping a few times and i really would like to do a lot more of it. only not in lincoln, ne 🙂 in the mountains would be fun!

    your ending to this post is beautiful. like you i consider family friends. i look forward to the day when our children can call our best friends aunts and uncles. neither of us have siblings so this will definitely be something to look forward to 🙂

    i hope you had a wonderful weekend! thank you for hsaring such beautiful, peaceful pictures with us!

  3. I remember when you first posted these pics on facebook. It seemed like it was just yesterday but I guess it’s been awhile.

    I love your comment
    “my family are my friends. They are the people I hold closest because I have chosen for them to be apart of my life, and so have they.”
    I totally agree and am sure to remember this quote for awhile.

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