Don’t Pass On Bad Habits: Quit Smoking Now to Give Your Children a Smoke Free Future

Anti-smoking campaigns have been around for decades now. Yet just recently, smoking cigarettes has finally become one of the most repellant, socially unacceptable activities you can do in public. There’s no longer a hint of cool to lighting up, its portrayal in the media is almost non existent nowadays. If you are a smoker don’t pass on bad habits: quit smoking now to give your children a smoke free future.

Therapy and Hypnosis

Have you been smoking since you yourself were a teen? If you’re really attached, consider seeing a professional. Behavioral therapy can teach you ways to cope without reaching for a pack of cigarettes. This is a very successful option when used in tandem with nicotine patches.

Hypnosis sounds pretty kooky, but it isn’t. If you’ve tried other methods and had no luck, see a professional hypnotist. There’s no funny business like what you see in movies – you are simply put into a relaxed state so you can benefit from the power of suggestion.


Vaping is another great way to slowly wean off nicotine without inhaling tar, carbon monoxide, and other nasty chemicals sprayed on cigarettes. Best of all, you can still enjoy the hand-mouth ritual that makes quitting so hard for others.

Concerned about e-cigs? You should be, but maybe not for the reasons you think. On one hand, there’s a lack of long-term research which tells us exactly how vaping affects us. That said, the research available now (independent studies not released by those in bed with big tobacco, specifically) is pretty promising. It’s a very effective way to quit tobacco for good.

If your worry is about the safety of devices, please note that the majority of device malfunctions resulting in fire or explosion only apply to custom, modified devices, not your standard kit-style pen you buy from an e-cig retailer. As for the liquid, doing some research on e liquid UK or another country or state can tell you more about what’s permitted and included in nicotine liquids.

The real concern is with your children. Vaping is considered trendy or cool among some groups of young people. Even if it is safer, you don’t want them to become addicted to nicotine. That’s why you’re quitting; to reduce the chance that they’ll ever have a reason to resort to a smoke. Remember this relatively new so new risks may arise as we study the long term effects of vaping as well. 


The Carr Method (Cold Turkey)

Alan Carr’s anti-smoking advice has helped hundreds of thousands of people stop smoking – for good. It doesn’t involve cutting down slowly, or buying any special potions or pills or special, difficult therapies – it just means stopping.

You set a time to quit, and you do so. You’re able to do this because cigarettes offer you nothing. It’s true – once the nicotine is out of your system, they really don’t!

We all know that cigarettes cause cancer (I have lost both parents to lung cancer) and make you and everything around you miserable. Every time you light a cigarette, think about the impact it has on your family. You are volunteering to shorten your life each time you light up. In my mind this is putting yourself on death row, it is just an undetermined date – but believe you me it is less time that you are supposed to have. My mother died at 55 and my father at 60 – it will be the end of your life. You want to be around to see your children build their own families, or will you let the selfish bad habit take that from them and you?


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