Digz Exactly What You Need From Gardening Technology

Gardening Technology
Image Credit Eschelle Westwood

It is a new age these days and the tech world has saturated everything we do. Which probably means you aren’t exactly surprised that I am sharing with you a great little development in gardening technology. Touchscreen compatible gardening gloves, meaning you don’t have to stop to take your gloves off to take a quick photo of your beautiful garden. Maybe you need to quickly change a song while out in the garden, your old gloves would have been an obstacle; these beauties will never be an obstacle again.

How often do you use your phone while you are in the garden?

Gardening Technology
Image Credit Eschelle Westwood

Gardening technology might be a bit new, outside the realm of lighting and landscaping, but it is definitely making my garden adventures. That isn’t all that is amazing about these great gloves.

They also have amazing designs and colors for any type of gardener out there – all of which can easily be found at any Home Depot. Digz gloves fit amazing, don’t get your hands sweaty and let you use your phone with ease whenever you need it. They make it easy to look good while you dig in the dirt, plus make it easy to immortalize the moment with your selfie camera!

Of course you don’t have to stop just in the garden these gloves are ideal for any household chores you might have around the house. Making it easy to keep your hands safe and yourself looking good all at the same time. These are a great idea for the garden and manicure lover in your life.

So you know what I will be wearing when I am getting my garden up to par this year!


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