Decorating Made Easy With Pixers

decorating made easy

My bedroom has always needed help. I don’t know if it is just the fact that I have no solid bedframe in my life that keeps my room looking like a college kids room than a 30 year olds – or the fact that I can’t seem to get rid of my childhood teddy bear. Either way my room has always needed a little help and I thought trying to create a simple headboard myself would do the trick.

Since I am a renter – I also wanted something that is easily removable and that is when I found Pixers. I loved their amazing designs and knew this was the perfect way to put a little splash in the “back-splash” behind my bed. I wanted something with darker colors to add some masculine touches to the room that seems to be flooded with all my knick-knacks. With this just being my first step in fixing my college-esque room I knew this was going to need to be a little drastic and I knew this was going to take time for me to continue to build upon this focal point.

With the incredible wall mural selection I knew I was going to take a while to find something that both my hubby and I liked and thought would be a good choice for us to build on. We started with colors and we both knew we wanted something dark. He knew he didn’t want any scenery and I knew I didn’t want something that I couldn’t easily clean. When we laid eyes on this dark black/brown and gold design we knew we found exactly what we were looking for.

decorating made easyOnce it came we put it up on our wall and lined it with a gold metallic trim to add a little something something and BAM we had a brand new headboard. Once we finally update our bedding I know my room will be well on its way to looking just how I always wanted it. The possibilities with Pixers is endless too.

With so many great choices, art pieces and scenery options you can really create the room of your dreams with little to no effort. All you have to do is order it, wait for it and put it up!

BONUS for any photography buffs out there Pixers is an incredible option when it comes to finding great back drops. This is a great way to add something special to your home or studio for taking those great pictures and Pixers can give you so many great ideas. Their multi panel art is a great idea for anyone looking for large art pieces for their homes!

Now tell me, what color bedding should I get?


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