Create An Amazing Play Space For Your Kids

Many parents will understand that when you have children, you will often need an ever-increasing amount of space. It isn’t only because of their toys, but also a place for them to play that has plenty of room for their active imaginations.

If you are looking to create more space for your children, then there are a few ideas here that could give you the inspiration you need.

A Den Under the Stairs

It doesn’t mean a Harry Potter type cupboard, but a well-furnished space under the stairs that your children and their friends can use as a den. You can fit it with curtains or a door, and have bookshelves, art equipment or any other things you can fit into space.

Your children will love the idea of having their own den that they can play or use for club meetings.


Play Room

You might not have any extra rooms in your home to turn into a playroom, but maybe you have dead space somewhere else that you can build a play room area. The most common dead space is the area above the staircase. If it can be reached easily, you can build a floor and place bannister rails around it.

It will give your children an extra place to play while not using up any space you already have. Because you are going to be adding another floor, you should seek the advice of a good structural engineer London based or wherever you may be in the country.

Ceiling Hammocks

Another cool way to use space you have is to invest in ceiling hammocks. These are ideal if you have high ceilings in your home because they make good use of the dead space. You can suspend them from the ceiling and add cushions or pillows to create a nice relaxing area for your children to read or relax.

They need to be safely secured, so you should get them professionally fitted, but they are a nice added feature that won’t block out any natural light you might have.

Under Floor Storage

Playrooms are often full of toys and other things that can use up the valuable space available. You can solve this problem by fitting a raised false floor and adding storage underneath by having panels on the floor that you can lift up.

It will allow you to hide away all the toys and games, but still, have space for your children to play and have fun. You can also add storage on the walls if the room is big enough to accommodate it.

With these ideas, you can transform even the smallest house into a play area for your children. It will help to spark their imagination and give them the space they need to play. Some of these things can be done by anyone used to doing DIY; however, if you are unsure then it is best to speak to a professional to help you.


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