Your Comfort Matters: Choosing an IVF Service Provider that is Right for You

IVF Service Provider
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If you’ve had difficulty conceiving, you may eventually turn to in vitro fertilization in an effort to have a child. It can be tempting to rush the process so you can conceive as soon as possible but this would be a mistake. There are many facilities offering IVF services but not all of them may be right for you.

IVF can be expensive, time-consuming and emotionally draining so you need to be as comfortable as possible when you embark on this journey. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars with a clinic that has low success rates or unwelcoming staff. You also don’t want a facility that former patients don’t love.

IVF Service Provider
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Start with the CDC ART database

The Centers for Disease Control keep a federal database of the success rates of fertility clinics around the country. This is a good place to start in your assessment of facilities near you. This list covers all assisted reproductive technologies, of which IVF is the most common.

However, you should note that no two patients or couples will have the exact same circumstances. Age, medical history and the number of embryos transferred are just some the things that affect success rates.  It should also be noted that the database is only updated every few years. A clinic that was very successful before may no longer have such high rates. Still, this list is a good place to start when searching for an IVF plans provider.

Ask key questions

Success rates aren’t the only criteria by which you should judge an IVF facility. Be sure to get all the information you need from any clinic you visit or call. You want to ensure that personnel pay attention to quality and ethics. Ask about how long the director, doctors and other personnel have been there, so you can see if the turnover rate is high.

Find out if the clinic uses the latest technology and offers wide range or treatment options. You should also inquire about whether there are age limits for treatment. It is also critical to find out how much treatment costs and what exactly is included.

Ask about counselling

Dealing with infertility is difficult. There can be lots of disappointment, frustration and conflicting emotions. Counseling can help you to manage your feelings. You need to know how the clinics you are considering address this critical part of your treatment. Is there a counselor on site whom you can talk to at any time? Are they only available on certain days and times? Ask the facility how their counseling program works.

Talk to other patients

You need to know how other people in your shoes feel about the clinic. Ask around and find out about the experiences other women and couples had. Were the staff really compassionate at one clinic? Was it easy to book appointments? Overall, how did they rate their experience? The answers to these questions may help you to choose one IVF facility over another.

Choosing the right IVF provider can be challenging. Do your research, ask the right questions and you’ll be much closer to making a decision.

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