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It is March and it is snowing… I don’t think this has ever happened before. I honestly can not remember a time in my life where there was snow in March. I am sure there was and I am just failing to remember or I was too young BUT my family and I are not enjoying it.

There should be no snow in March.

So of course with all this insane weather my skin, my husbands skin and my kids skin has been taking a beating, and as a parent I hardly want to bathe my children and myself in chemical filled lotions. Especially when this is an everyday thing that seems to not want to go away.

That’s why I was thankful that Cocolivo contacted me with their great lotion option. Their lotion is made without water or preservatives and from all natural ingredients.

What are the ingredients you ask?

Coconut oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil, Argan oil and Rosehip. All great for your dry angry never ending winter skin. All ideal for keeping chemicals off your kids and out of your own pores. Best part is it absorbs super nice and is great for a whole bunch of reasons making it perfect for any of your dry winter needs.

What can it help with you ask?

Reduces Wrinkles, Dry hair & scalp, cracked toes & heels, chapped lips, strengthen nails, makeup remover, dry hands & elbows, soothes rashes & dry skin, reduces crowsfeet, sun-damaged skin, nourishes shaved skin and even diaper rash!


It even comes in a beautiful little box and a spoon for stirring! They were even smart enough to include a magnet on the lid so that you never loose your spoon. This great combination really does help keep the winter skin blues at bay and leaves you feeling happy and soft skinned.

Best part is I have no guilt when it comes to chemicals – so much of what all of us use everyday has so many chemicals that I love the chance to eliminate them whenever and wherever I can. Cocolivo believes the same thing making this amazing family business something that I want to support.

If you want to learn more about Cocolivo check out their: WebsiteInstagram | Facebook.


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