When Clutter Becomes Chaos: How To Declutter Your Home

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Every home will have clutter at some point or another. Whether your home only ever feels cluttered sometimes, or you’re constantly working with piles and piles of junk, it can become a problem. Because it can just start to build up. When you’re not able to tackle the problem early on, it seems to be something that just happens. And it’s usually around this kind of time that the clutter can then become chaos. As much as you try and hide it, it won’t go away. And you’ll soon run out of tactful hiding spots come storage spaces for all of that junk! Because let’s face it – if you’re trying to hide it away, it means that it’s not something you use regularly. It may not even be stuff that you ever use. So it’s time to do something about it. But what?

You’ll often know that you need to have a clear out. The idea of having to take that on can really play on your mind. Because the more clutter you have, the bigger the job will be. And once you start, you know you have to commit and just finish. This can be intimidating, mainly because you’re not too sure what you will do will all of the old junk you come across. So let’s take a look at some ideas for what you can do.

Old Junk & Rubbish

First up, we’re going to talk about all of the old junk. The trash that you just don’t want, broken things, stuff you’ve never used, and things that you just can’t think why you have it!

Hire A Skip

The very first thing that you need to do is hire a skip. Yes, this is something you’d usually do for a renovation, but when you think about it, you’re kind of doing that right now. Skip hire can save you from the mess. You’ve probably got a lot of old junk that you need to get rid off, and this is going to be the simplest, less-chaotic way to go about it.

Be Ruthless

With that arranged and in place, you’re then going to need to think about actually throwing the things away. And with this, you really do need to be ruthless. Holding onto items that are broken, that you’ve not seen or used in years, or that are kind of just useless, won’t solve the problem. So purge away!

Be Smart

But at the same time, you really do have to be smart. If there’s things that you can use, keep them. Having a keep pile with your old junk is important if it’s still as good as new and you have a use for it. This is usually the case if it fits into one of the four categories below. So read on to know what you can do with it when you’ve kept it.

Family Memories

Next, you’re going to come across things that have a bit more of a sentimental value. So let’s think about what you can do about these.


Every family with have lots of old photos lying around. Whether they’re yours from when your littles ones were tiny, or even family photos from when you were little and even older, you should really look to do something with them. Instead of having them storage in shoeboxes collecting dust, make up some photo albums and store them proudly on shelving or bookcases in your living space.

Family Heirlooms

It’s always going to be difficult when you’re dealing with heirlooms, because you obviously won’t want to throw them away. If they’re things that you like and ornamental, why not put them on display as part of your decor? If they’re valuables, then maybe storing them in a bank vault is going to be the safest (and tidiest) option.


Finally, there’s also old home movies to deal with too. And we all have boxes and boxes of these lying around. The worst part is that we can’t really use them, because we don’t have VCRs anymore. So, make better use of them by working with someone like Perfect Image Video to convert them into a digital format. Then, you can choose to put the video tapes neatly away into storage or in the attic and forget about them, knowing you’ve made use of them, or throw them out if you’re not attached.

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Clothing & Personal Items

When it comes to clothing and your own personal items, you may have trouble throwing them out in the first place. So let’s make sure you know what to do with them to make this easier.

Donate To Charity

First of all, with any old clothes are in a suitable and reusable condition, donate them to a clothing bin. This is really important and will help you generate money for charity, or provide people in need with new clothing, depending on where you choose to donate. But if you’re not work something for months or years, you never will, so these items could be put to better use.

Sell The Good Stuff

Maybe you have items that are still in amazing or brand new condition. When this is the case, you may actually be able to make some money from them. So as much as you’ll donate some pieces to charity, definitely think about selling some of the good stuff. This is a great way to get some money back to buy new items going forward.

Give To Loved Ones

Finally, you may also want to give clothing, makeup, and other personal items that you have based on your interests, such as music or equipment, to friends and family. If you know that they’d be interested in them, especially unused makeup, or clothes they’ve admired in the past. Giving them away can be a great way to do a good deed and get rid of what you need to.

Books, Games & Toys

Whether it’s your old bits and pieces or things that the kids have accumulated over the years, let’s take a look at what you can do with all of these bits of clutter.

Donate Or Give Away

First of all, you’re going to want to think about donating these kinds of items too. Not only will charities be grateful for items like this, but you may find that people you know may be interested in them too. Old school books, toys and games are especially relevant here. Family members and friends may need them for their children. It’s a great way to keep recycling items and not send them to landfill.

Save For The School Sale

If your school often has yard sales for charity or to raise money for projects, and you know that there will be one coming up, why not donate these items? School often want items that people will buy. Things like books, toys, and games are all relevant here. So maybe ask at your children’s’ school to see if they are taking donated items right now.

Create Better Storage

Finally, there are going to be items that you’ll want to keep. Because a lot of your books and games will still be read or played with. So, you’re going to want to make sure that you create better storage. Whether that’s book shelving in the living space, or something similar in the attic. Just make sure that you’re really being smart with how you store these much loved items.

Household Items

Finally, you have all of the household items that are left too. And these can often be the hardest of all. So let’s take a look at what you can do with them.


The first idea is to recycle some of the items yourself. Because you may come across furnishings or items that you actually want to keep. But this means you have to put them back around the house, and take out or remove items that you’re replacing them with so that they can then be sent to the skip and recycled. Remember, you’re controlling the clutter, not adding to it.

Put Into Storage

Maybe there are some items that you really like and you just don’t want to throw out. When that’s the case, you have a dilemma. Because you still need to work on the clutter situation. So, you may find that you need storage. Whether this means you come up with some hacks for your attic or basement so it’s a bit more under control, or hire a unit, you’ll find that you’ll find a solution with storage.

Pass Down

Finally, you should then think about what might be relevant for your kids. Because when a kid goes off to college, there are household items that they need to take with them. From bedroom items to kitchen equipment, if you have pieces that you no longer need that are in great condition, don’t throw them out, save them for college. Or, if that’s a long way off, pass them down to friends or family instead.

What are some of the ways you declutter your home?


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