Choose The Right Bed and Get The Best Sleep: My Guide To Help

It might be quite a surprise to hear that you spend around a third of your life in asleep. So it makes sense that if you’re going to be spending that much time in bed, that you should have somewhere, that is comfortable for you to sleep in. You want that sleep to be comfortable and quality sleep, right? Plus, if you aren’t sleeping on a bed that is comfortable, it can lead to more problems, such as back problems, neck problems, or sore muscles. So you want to make the right choice when choosing a bed. What is the best way to do that, though? Here are a few tips and ideas for you.

Visit a Few Different Stores

Buying a bed online can be tricky to do. You don’t get the time to try it all out and see how comfortable the bed frame is, as well as the mattress. But don’t just get the first bed that you try and like. It does pay to shop around. You could visit places like Dreams or Bridgman, for example. Plus, if you are based near London, then you could see their showroom in Enfield. It makes complete sense to travel around and try a few stores. The main point is to not be afraid of getting comfortable in the stores, though. Don’t worry about getting on the beds or mattresses to try them out. The people in the stores are expecting that. Plus, your health is important, and getting a good and comfortable night’s sleep is a surefire way to lead to better overall health.

Try Out the Bed Together

If you’re going to be sharing a bed with a partner, then it does need to be the kind of shopping that you can do together. So you will need to find a time when you’re all available to go and test them out. You both need to physically try the bed and mattress for a number of reasons. First of all, you will be able to see if the bed is big enough for you. Second, it will help you to decide if it is comfortable enough for you. Some mattresses might be great in theory, but when two people are using it, it can be a nightmare! Mattresses that are too soft can mean that you both roll into the middle. And for the long term, that is more than likely not what you want. So try it all out together and look for one that is suitable for you both.

Consider Room Size

As you start on your journey to find a bed that will fit you all, then you need to think about the room size. Take some measurements and make a note of them. Taking them along with you is a good idea. It is good to have a bit of space around the bed, so you need to look for a bed that is the right size. Some bed styles, like a sleigh bed, for instance, can take up more room than a standard bed frame would. So if your room is a little on the small side, then that style might not be the option for you. If there are two of you in the room and sharing a bed, then it makes things more comfortable for everyone if there is space either side of the bed. You don’t want to have a bed that is for two, up against a wall. Otherwise, it can mean clambering over each other to get out of bed. So take your room measurements into consideration. It might mean that you don’t get your ‘dream’ style of bed. But it will fit the room and work on a practical level. You’ll regret not getting a bed that fits quite quickly!

Think About Bed Storage

Again, if your bedroom is a little on the small side, you might want to think about getting a bed that can help you with any storage issues in your bedroom. You might only have a small wardrobe in your bedroom as nothing else will fit. So choosing a bed with some storage or drawers underneath can be a good idea. Some beds might not come with set storage underneath, bit if they are quite a raised bed, then you can get some storage containers to go underneath the bed. I have found this to be especially useful when it comes to children’s bedrooms, as it means a way to store and hide away toys. If you want to hide it all, then just make sure that you get a long valance sheet so that the room can still look neat and tidy. You could choose an ottoman style bed if there are things that you need to store, that you don’t want everyday access to. Things like spare towels or bed sheets can be stored in this way, for example.

Give Yourself Space

If on the other end of the scale, you have quite a bit of space in your bedroom, then it might be a good idea to give yourself plenty of room. This can be especially handy if you share your bedroom with a partner and it isn’t always the most pleasant to share a bed with them. Having one bed, that can feel like separate beds, can help if one of you likes the bed to feel cold, but your partner always feels too hot, for example. So you could opt for a king size, or super king size bed, instead. This will cost more, and will, of course, take up more space. So you need to think about what will work for you and remember those room measurements!

Equally, if you sleep on your own and have a large bedroom space, then you could still consider getting something larger than just a single bed. If your bedroom will take a double or a king size, then you can still go all out for that. You want to be the most comfortable you can be when you sleep, after all.

Add Character

With your bed, it tends to be the focal point of your bedroom. So you want it to look good and make it a bit of a feature. One easy way to do that is to choose a headboard for your bed. Quite often there will be a headboard that comes with your bed. If you’re happy with it, then you are in luck and can just leave it as it is. But don’t say no to a bed that fits all the boxes, but the only thing you dislike is the headboard. They can be removed and replaced, or can be changed to suit the style and colour of your room. You can reupholster a headboard with very minimal equipment. So making some changes at home is always something to consider.

Choose a Bed To Support Your Back

As has been mentioned, you want your bed to be comfortable to help you sleep. But you also want it to be comfortable to support your back in the long term. Beds with slats at the base, or that use springs, are generally the best choices when it comes to supporting your back. A good bed will cater for your size, as well as your shape and specific needs. So think about any existing back problems that you have at the moment. If you do, then you might need to choose something like an adjustable bed, to help you to be as comfortable as possible.

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Consider the Style of Mattress

The mattress and the bed both work to help you get a good night’s sleep. So they need to be looked at together, with styles chosen to suit each other. Take, for example, a bed that is made using wooden slats. That will be better teamed up with a foam mattress. A bed that is made with springs is better to be teamed up with a spring mattress, for example. Choosing the two of them like this can mean that you will get the most comfortable bed possible, that will support you, as well as help you to sleep the best.

You Do Get What You Pay For

When it comes to sleep, you do get what you pay for, to a certain extent at least. The best bed for you won’t necessarily be the most expensive one. But it won’t necessarily be the cheapest one either. What you want to make sure is that you get a bed that will be comfortable, supports you, and meets your needs. A bed with a lower price tag might mean less comfort and support, as the materials might be cheaper.

You do get what you pay for when it comes to mattresses, for sure, though. At the end of the day, the mattress is one of the most vital parts of your comfort in your bed. So it is worth spending time to choose the best mattress for you. It is also worth getting one that will last you a number of years. You should replace mattresses every eight years, not before.

What tips do you have for getting the best sleep??


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