Is Your Child Leaving The Nest?

It only seems like yesterday that your child was a toddler, taking their first shaky, tentative steps and you remember as if it was only a few weeks ago that they started to babble away and begin to talk. You can remember every aspect of their years clearly, from their first day at school, to every argument they have had with their friends, to their first music obsession, to even a memory of then they understood the elements of riding a bicycle properly. So, where has all the time gone? Now, they are growing into fully fledged adults with lives of their own, and they are ready to move out and into their first home.

Lots of parents get upset when their child decides that they want to have their own space and live away from you. However, there is no need to be upset, really. When your child decides to move out, it is a sign of their maturity and a sign that your time spent over the years nurturing them to be the best person they could possibly be has worked.

Whether your child is moving out to attend a new college or university, or are moving away for a job opportunity, or are even moving out with friends or their partner, it could be a good idea for you to help them as much as you can with their move. They may seem that they do not require your help, but deep down they will really appreciate it and it will further put a stamp on the fact that you have been, and will remain to be, the best parent they could ask for.


Over the years, your child has probably accumulated a lot of belongings. Most of them will probably be old relics from when they were younger, and if they do not hold any special memories, then a good idea could be to give unwanted items away or to get rid of them. Once all the unneeded detritus is removed, you will be able to evaluate how much stuff they will be taking away with them to their new home. If you do not own a vehicle, or if your vehicle is too small to carry all of their belongings, or if your child is moving somewhere which is far away, help them out by looking up moving companies. Your child will really appreciate all of your help.

Yes, when your child decides to fly the nest it can be a difficult time but eventually you will get used to not having them around all the time. There are easy ways to keep in touch and to see them, such as video chats, and you could even plan trips to see them on a regular basis.

It is important, though, to give your child some space when they move into their new home. It will be a really busy time for them and they may struggle to transition at first, but moving out is an important part of maturing. After all we have all been there to so remember what it was like.

How was moving out of your parents for the first time for you??


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