Chefs Plate Is Perfect For Busy Moms!

Moms are always busy… but soon we are going to be hit with the back-to-school rush and things are going to get even more hectic. Soon we will be faced with constant early morning battles, kids screaming, lunches being whined about and after school activities to boot. It is going to be crazy so you know what I have come up with some dinner help for all of us: Chefs Plate.

Chefs Plate is this amazing system you can order family dinners from anytime you want! You can arrange which days you want it all delivered to you so you can make a simple meal! It is a great way to ensure there is a organic, nutritious and affordable meal on your table each of those busy nights. Yes you have to cook but the recipes are simple and they provide you with exactly everything you need for your meals. They even cut and portion the meat so you don’t have to! Great for folks like me that hate to touch meat.

With their ever changing menu you are always in for something delicious and simple to make on those really busy go go go nights. Or those nights when you have no more “go” left. Which will probably be most days now that Fall is coming in full force and there will be way too much to do in a day, in a month or even in a minute.

So to be able to come home, have your meal ingredients waiting for you and recipe to boot is a great relief. I have no pressure after a long day to magically come up with a meal when my fridge is on the end of the week empty side. I don’t have to worry about not having something, because all of it is provided and ready to go for you already.

I tell you a girl could really get used to being spoiled like this. I mean locally sourced pre portioned chicken, fresh pasta, incredible produce I was beyond happy with my order and I can’t wait to keep using their services now that the busy season is upon us. Soon it will be all go go go and no time to stop for air and these prices make feeding your families healthy foods super cheap!

BONUS using referral tag #MUMFECTION will get you THREE FREE plate credits on your first order on Chefs Plate!!!

Which meal would you choose for your first meal??


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