Change Your Whole Look With AddColo

With everything going on during the holidays there is barely ever enough time to get yourself and outfit let alone do your hair. So this year I was thinking of cheating a little bit and thinking outside the box. A simple way to change your look with AddColo a great online resource for getting synthetic and human hair wigs. I know this isn’t something I would normally reach for but this is a super easy way to completely change your look in moments!

Giving you more time to do the things you want to do during the holidays.

Things you would rather do than spend hours doing your own hair…

  1. Spending time with the kids, doing anything but especially snuggling.
  2. Spend time doing absolutely nothing at all and loving every minute of it.
  3. Taking a moment to actually enjoy your holiday décor you’ve put together. Everything seems like a red green blur when you are running around trying to get everything done in time.
  4. Hell maybe you need that time to actually put up your decorations!
  5. Baking something because baking is supposed to be soothing I hear…..
  6. Shopping for yourself… I mean, for others… yea.. for others…
  7. Reading nonsense on Facebook.
  8. Doing our nails and actually letting them dry fully.
  9. Cleaning something because we all know there is something that needs cleaning that you don’t have time for EVER.
  10. Going for a walk in the snow or rain or whatever it is outside as you are reading this.

So there are tons of reasons to find another way to get that perfect hair without all the effort and all the stress and AddColo is definitely a good option. So if you are in need of that extra time this holiday season maybe spoil yourself on a pre done hairdo.

Keep it our little secret, I wont tell if you don’t!

** this post has been sponsored, all opinions are mine. 



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