Cavalia Odysseo in Vancouver

This past Wednesday I was graciously invited to go and see Cavalia Odysseo here in Vancouver with my hubby. We were even treated to the full VIP experience with reserved sections, all the food and drinks you could dream of and a super special back stage look at how this amazing show is put together. Cavalia definitely didn’t disappoint either the entire time I was completely in awe of what was going on. If you don’t believe me… well… the truth is in the tweets my friends!


See completely breathtaking from beginning to end. My hubby was enthralled with the show and was even more amazed to notice how the music is completely LIVE and improvised cause guess what?! Every night the show is a little different as they encourage their horses to be playful, ensuring that each and every show is something unique, fun, and one of a kind. The music was just spine tingling too with this peaceful air about most of it, it really manages to take you away for the night.
Cavalia_post_001Getting the chance to really enjoy their VIP package was something really really special. It was so spectacular the food was amazing everything was soo good and everyone around me was gushing over how lovely everything was. The drinks were amazing we had a LOT of different choices and getting the special treat of the reserved seating area was something really lovely. We even had access to our very own gift shop in our rendez-vous tent giving us a first hand chance at some of the shows super nice merchandise. They even had Christmas tree ornaments!

Again I can’t recommend this show enough and WOW would it be a lovely addition to your gift lists!



    • it was super beautiful, getting to see how they do everything behind the scenes was CRAZY. That hill is as tall as a three story building! and really hard to climb in nice boots with their super special sand.

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  1. Cavalia Odysseo is here in Vancouver FLASH giveaway!

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