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Bravo Apparel

Fall is here and so are Fall sports which means it is time for us to stock up on some great new sports gear for our never-stop-growing-kids. This year I wanted to think about a personalized piece since it is something I am starting to see more and more of at soccer and lacrosse. I wanted my little man to feel just as cool as the other boys and surprise him for his birthday with his very own personalized Zip-up sports hoodie. Bravo Apparel heard my call and got to work with suggesting some great ideas and I even found myself something pretty amazing that I will chat about in my next post!

With so much great selection to choose from for their customizations I have to admit I had my hands full with great quality selection from many different providers. Finally I got it down to a few choices and decided on this gorgeous black and red hoodie for him. Bravo did the honors of adding his last name to the breast to add that personalized touch all the other boys have been sporting.

Bravo Apparel

He was beyond thrilled when I opened up the package to show him what Bravo had sent him for his birthday! With a smug little grin he happily sported it for me to show off his new favorite sweater… that I have yet to be able to wash since he got it since he wont stop wearing it.

Best part is I know that it can withstand the constant use since the quality of the Biz Collection sweaters they offer are really great. Quality is super important to them.

With so many options you are all bound to have questions, which is why I highly recommend their great online customer service. They are great at getting all your sizing and quality control questions answered and right when you are shopping from home too!

Now he is sporting the best sweater for miles thanks to the kindness and great work from quality product and dedicated workers here in Vancouver.

Tell me what pretty item would you get customized by Bravo Apparel??


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